Tuesday, January 12, 2010


A new building went up near the intersection of I-65 and I-80 last year, and we were very curious as to what it might be. It turns out to be a very amazing kid spot - Bellaboo's. Or, as Alex calls it, "Beeboo's"

We didn't know what to expect, although we'd heard it was a pretty fun place. It's targeted at children ages 2 - 8, and Alex is just barely 2. We figured he'd be too young to really get it, but we got a coupon in the mail for adults to get in free with a child admission, so our whole little family paid a grand total of $4.95 to spend the morning here. It turned out to be an excellent family activity during Keith's vacation from work.

There are all sorts of themed rooms where kids are free to explore, use their imaginations, and play. Everything is clean as can be, kid-safe, and organized.

The first room we tried out was the "Soft Play" Room ...Alex had a BLAST! I think he could have stayed in here all day. The ball pit has a suction tube where you can send balls up a tube, through a cleaning machine, and back through a track that runs overhead & drops the ball into the bit.

It's quite a hike to get to this little airplane. Keith went up with Alex first, and then they came down the big slide together. I took Alex up, and I couldn't figure out the "adult-friendly" way to get to the airplane. It turns out that the ONLY way to the airplane is to mash yourself between two padded rollers. It's a good thing Max is out of me, because no pregnant lady could EVER fit through there. I'm still not sure how Keith or I did it!

The train room has a gigantic train table, trains and vehicles galore, and a big train running around the edges of the room.
construction room - there were also safety vests & hard hats, but Alex wouldn't wear them.
Water Room - a huge, 2 level stainless steel water table with a waterfall. Rubber floors so no one slips. Waterproof aprons for kids. Alex was a little damp, but he LOVED this room!

Grocery store (there's also a pizza parlor next door)

Art Room - there's a specific project if you're interested, but Alex didn't do it.

This was his first time using watercolor paints. He found some at home, and we've since painted at our kitchen table. It's definitely a learning experience!

Toddler "Soft Play" room - Alex was too big for this, and Max was too little for this. It's entirely padded. Maybe I belong there ;)

We hoped to stay for storytime before heading home, but Alex was being a little booger. He was definitely in need of a nap, and he was acting crazy to prove it!

Nobody wants to be the parent of the embarrassing child who's acting up in story time while 30 other children sit still. Of course, we were on the far end of the room & had to cross in front of everyone, blocking their view of the storyteller. Oops.

We were there for over 3 hours, and Max never fussed or slept. He just took it all in with wide-open eyes. As soon as I set him back in the stroller, he was out! We left with 2 very worn out boys. If you're in the area, I'd highly recommend checking it out. It's a great place to play, learn, and wear out your kiddos in a fun way! Grown-ups are free (one per child) every Tuesday until the end of February.

They also have a a dress-up room & face painting, and there's a REAL kitchen with kid-sized barstools for cooking classes. Alex is a little too young for that one! You can sign up for a cooking class or art class, as well, but those come with a 10 week commitment & a price tag!

Oh, here's Alex enjoying his lunch at Portillo's aftewards...


The Hamstras said...

This is so great! I got that coupon too but hadn't heard of anyone that had gone. We're gonna have to check it out!

Kat said...

I'm with Angie! I was reluctant to go because I wasn't sure if it would be worth it...now I can't wait! =)