Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A One Trac(tor) Mind... (2 year update)

(AKA - Alex's 2 year update)

First, a few quick birthday pictures. It's tricky squeezing a birthday into Christmas, so we're doing the same as last year, and moving his party to January 17th. (That's also Max's baby dedication at church, so the family only has to make one trip.)

It seemed wrong to not even acknowledge his birthday, though, so we had birthday dessert at both grandparents homes. Alex learned quickly that he's supposed to blow out the candles, and blow he did - even before the candles were lit or the song was sung. He needed a little help to actually blow out the flame, though. He loved his "Dirday" ice cream cake! (Kathryn's birthday is December 24th, so she also had birthday dessert.)

Now, on to the update...and the tractors...

We have a little boy with a one track mind! It's all tractor, all the time in our house. Alex talks about tractors from breakfast until bedtime.

It's the same conversation every day - Tractor! Up! Key! Go! Up! Guy! Papa. Tractor. Daddy. Tractor! YOU! (That means himself...) Up! Tractor! Vroom! Wheel. Tractor!

We have tractor books, tractor DVDs, little tractors, medium tractors, a ride-on tractor, and a nearby tractor store that Alex loves to visit. His favorite episode of Curious George is when George is riding the neighbor's tractor. We happened to see a tractor turning into a driveway not too long ago, and Alex was THRILLED. We'd told him that the tractors went away for the winter. I guess we're liars! ;)

It doesn't matter if it's a construction equipment (like a loader) or if it's farm equipment. Alex calls them all tractors. I did learn, though, that he knows many tractors by their "real" name, and he can point to them when asked. He just can't say the words yet, so they are all tractors.

Beyond tractors, Alex loves trains, trucks, and cars. All things with wheels, really.

He loves tools, and he loves his tool bench. I think this picture was used once before, but he just adores hammers & screwdrivers & saws. I love to see him using his imagination & pretending to fix things.

(Another reused picture?) He loves to be our "hepper" with whatever we are doing. (Nice winter "shat" on his head, don't you think?)He doesn't throw many tantrums (yet...) but we're definitely seeing a strong-willed side of Alex. He often uses the word "no" and means it. He has attitude at times. On a few occasions, he's just sat & cried/stood by me & cried to get his way. At home, I just ignore it. Eventually, he uses words to tell me what he wants, and then I praise him. I have no clue what I'll do about tantrums in public, but they're sure to happen at some point.He loves pouring water from one container to another in the bathtub. He's getting better at "aiming" his pours so they actually land in the intended container. He also loves to have snacks in an old butter tub, pouring the snacks back & forth between two butter tubs.

He loves cookies, and he pronounces the word correctly now. It's still only an occasional treat, but cookies are pretty special. Mama taught him the "correct" way to eat a Salerno Butter Cookie...

He loves to watch the construction of the new home across the street.
He loves to go to the "shtoe" with me. He would like to push the buttons on the credit/debit machines, but Mama hasn't allowed it. (Mean Mama!)
Church is one of his favorite places to go.
He is very good at following simple directions - sometimes even two step directions. ("Go put your clothes in the hamper, please" or "Could you please go upstairs and choose a little toy for the baby to bring to church?")
He willingly goes to bed, but never sleeps long enough. And he just can't go back to sleep once he wakes.

He discovered that it's fun to play in the snow, but there's a reason we have mittens. (He CRIED after holding a handful of snow, and he told me "shnoe code" (snow cold).

He delights in his baby brother, although sometimes in the most unusual ways - poking Max in the eye, putting stickers all over baby's head, tugging HARD on the baby's arms or legs, etc...but it's all out of love. He uses the same tone with the baby that I do. He'll walk up, smile, and say "heeeey baby!" in a sweet little voice.
He likes stickers, painting with water, "writing" with pens, and dot-coloring with Bingo markers.

New words are coming out of his mouth every day, and we just never know what he might say next...or if it's going to inadvertently be a word. (Grandpa = crappa, stuck = f---)

He loves to "dance" to music, and his dancing skills are hilarious (although still better than his mama's skill, I'm sure!)
He loves when Daddy lets him help play the drum before church services on Sunday. I keep meaning to get a picture of this, but Sunday mornings are usually a little hectic!

He doesn't stay in bed when he wakes. I've put a childsafe doorknob cover on his bedroom door so he doesn't wander the house. He hates it, and I do too, but I want to know that he's safe. Now he pounds on his door and yells "Mama" when he wakes. We've tried SO hard to teach him to sit on his bed and call, "Mama, Up!" He does it for a while, and then falls back into his old habit. Sigh.
He's totally fascinated with Keith's nightstand drawer. You just never know what goodies you might find in "Dada's drow"! He used Keith's chapstick to draw on our bedroom door the other day. At least it wipes off easily. So does deodorant drawn on the bathroom walls while Mama showers. At least he's creative.

He loves to help me cook & bake. He would like to crack an egg, but I haven't allowed that yet ;)
He is an excellent photographer (ha!) Would you care to sample his recent work?

I think this may be the last regular monthly update (although I may change my mind, too...) From this point on, it'll just be funny stories or new skills as they occur. It's been an adventure to this point, and I'm sure we have many more adventures to come.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Big Boy! We love you!


Susie said...

Happy Birthday Alex!!! He's such a boy, isn't it great that God designed them all that way!! Griffin's first words were truck and tractor and pretty much nothing has changed. He loves them still and the tools too! Just to warn you Griffin when he was about 2 or 3 decided to just grab an egg out of the carton while we were baking and threw it across the room! Yes, I'm sure you know what the end result was. I couldn't help but laugh b/c it was so unexpected...little boys such an adventure!

Dawn said...

Yikes! That had to be a nice mess! Thanks for the warning, and yes - they are an adventure!

Kat said...

I used to love flipping through the camera to see the pictures Sami took when she was that age! =)

I can NOT believe he is 2...its seems like just yesterday he was a newborn! :(