Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reality Check...

My house is a mess. Every time I think I've caught up on the dishes, there are more...and the countertops are filthy! The bedrooms are a disaster. The kitchen floor NEEEEEEDS to be mopped! The main bath is good enough, but the master bathroom could probably be condemned by the health department.

My neighbors rang our doorbell on Christmas Eve, bringing us a Christmas card and a tin of cookies. (So sweet of them!) I was too embarrassed to let them beyond the front entry because it's such a mess!

Alex was sick for 3 weeks before Christmas, and the house fell apart. Then it was time to wrap presents, bake, and get things ready for Christmas. I managed to keep the house from getting worse, but it didn't get better.

I figured, once Christmas is over our lives will return to normal & I can work at getting caught up. Ha! Alex got croup on New Years Eve, a fever & ear infection & strep the next day, and then we added nasty flamin' red diaper rash and congested cough to the list. Poor kiddo! Needless to say, no one has been sleeping in this house! Nor has anyone been cleaning.

My wonderful husband got us all caught up on laundry over the weekend, and I am very grateful for it. Alex is starting to feel better. I'm TRYING to blog the rest of Christmas, Alex's birthday, and a little family field trip. Oh, and perhaps I should work on finding our home under the clutter and dirt...

Anyway, not complaining, just reiterating that we are just as normal as every other family in America! Hopefully we'll be all caught up (and maybe even all HEALTHY...) around here in a week or two!


Susie said...

Hope your babies are healthy soon! And just so you know...we don't have any sickies in this house and it's still a disaster area here...I think we're normal...so since you have an excuse of sick children I'd say your family is above normal if you can keep it caught up without the sickies! LOL! Take care!

Allison said...

My house got SO bad before Christmas with kids and Tony being sick. I just couldn't keep up with the house between sick kids and be being prego. I had a deadline of having it clean for Christmas, since everyone was coming here on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I worked for weeks to get it back to normal, since I'm moving slower than molasses these days. Thankfully, I've managed to keep it reasonable since then. The kitchen and playroom are constant battles, but at least the rest is better. Give yourself some slack. Sickness and an infant are enough to get yourself WAY behind. You'll catch up. It just takes time.