Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Parties - Part 1

(Sane people post part 1 before posting part 2. A worn-out mom who is trying to get caught up...well...I'm not sane! I thought I posted this yesterday...)

We celebrated with Keith's family on Christmas Day, and with Keith's extended family on the day after Christmas.

Keith's family is a bunch of pranksters. Every year, Keith & Kevin (his brother) exchange gag gifts. This year, Kevin gave Keith a "how to improve your football team" poster. If you can click on the picture, it should enlarge it so you can read most of the words. He's slowly & carefully changing the Bears logo to the Colts logo. Good one, Kevin! :)

We'll let Papa keep some of his pride & not tell you the whole story, but a funny thing happened this December: He thought that all of their Hallmark ornaments had been stolen. Grandma made him a Theft Prevention Kit for Christmas.

Keith's gag gift to Kevin: When Kevin preached at our church this fall, he made a comment about how he'd look terrible in a Speedo. Of course, Keith decided Kevin should own one. Kevin tried it on over his clothes, but we'll spare you the photo ;)

Alex & Daddy opening a neat tractor book from Grandma & Papa - it's the Usborne Wind-Up Tractor book with paths for a tractor to drive through the story. (Notice that Alex is wearing his tractor shirt, too...)

Tub Time Curious George looked like it would be a hit! It turns out that it's a very scary thing when your beloved George makes puffing sounds...Alex insists that George stay in the laundry room sink. He won't go anywhere near it. (By the way, Grandma found this amazing bargain at Toys R Us for TWO DOLLARS! WOW! Hopefully Alex will like it someday...)

Kyle & Jess starting their treasure hunt - which even included doing a sink full of dishes to get their next clue. Great idea, Grandma!

Hand & Foot - I learned this game while Keith & I were dating, and I love it! This is a great family game, but time-consuming! Kyle learned how to play a few weeks ago, and he joined us this year. He's probably better at it than I am!

Jessica borrowed my camera

Max with Aunt "Annie" and Jessica
(Alex has been asking for Annie every day since she left.)

Alex's big dump truck from the Duncan cousins
(and his new slippers from Grandma & Papa)

Ali & Cailin

Second annual Christmas gift card exchange

(Leanne, Kari, Uncle Jim, Kyle, Danny, Ali)
Jessica got this cheesy shot of Alex

It was really tricky, if not downright impossible, to get a good picture of Nana with all 5 of her great-grandkids. I hope someone has a better picture on their camera, because I *failed* miserably!

Jessica - 13, Kyle - 10, Alex - 2, Cailin - 8 mos, Max - 4 mos

We were all very spoiled, but I think our boys got extra-spoiled. They have tractors, tractor puzzles, a musical swimming pool, a singing elephant, a musical choo-choo, a toy truck, new slippers, 2 different car racetracks, and much much more!

Of course, the best thing is just the time TOGETHER! It doesn't happen often enough, but it's always very fun when it does!

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