Thursday, January 21, 2010

He Speaks...

...and we're loving it. A while back, I mentioned to Keith that there's a lot going on in Alex's little mind, and I couldn't wait to hear what he'd say once he figured out he could talk. Well, we're getting there...and he's a goofy kid.

Last night, I was cooking dinner. Alex was sitting on a kitchen chair looking out the window. He saw a patch of green peeking out from under all the snow. He said, "Hey, Mom! Grass! Daddy drive tractor!" (We've told him that Daddy won't drive his tractor again until spring. And he'd never used the word grass before. Oh, and never mind that Daddy would have to drive over 3/4 acres of snow to get to the one little patch of green grass...)

Then he wanted up in my arms while I was cooking. He looked down into the skillet on the stove and said, "Meat. Raw meat. Cook." (I had no clue he knew what raw was!)

2 weeks ago at church, I was sitting in the very back with the boys. An older woman, with long white hair, was walking out during communion - you know, when it's QUIET in church - and Alex looked at her and said with awe, "Santa!"

For a long time, Alex has been calling himself "You"! He points to a picture of himself and says, "You!" He won't say Alex. I realized recently that if I call him Alex Cole, he'll say "All Cole". So I guess he can finally say his own name...sort-of.

He also cracks me up because he's now saying "Ung-Chim" for Keith's Uncle Jim.

I know there are more, but those are the only things coming to mind right now...remind me if you know something that I'm missing! :)


Kat said...

Maybe he wants to be a raw foodist! ;) Just kidding!!!

Dawn said...

Yum. Can he come live with you, then? I might not do that raw thing so well... ;)

Kat said...

I have a friend who is a rawist...maybe he could visit them! I gag when she tells me some of the things they eat :P but...I tend to have the same food preferences as a 2 year old!!!