Monday, November 19, 2012

Alex & Max, November 2012

Just wanted to jot down these reasons we smile before I forget…

Alex, a few weeks ago, singing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt:

“John Jacob Hemo-Margarine Smith…”

Oh, how we laughed when we realized what he was singing! :)November2012 116Alex is SO into singing lately.  If he’s in a large group, he is quiet.  He doesn’t really sing in church or in his preschool class at Story Hour.  When he’s home, though, he is ALWAYS singing.  He loves to sing praise songs from church and Story Hour, and he loves to make up his own songs.  He also turns life into a mini-musical by singing a lot of what he says to me throughout the day.

He loves going to his Sunday School, Wee Worship, and Story Hour classes.  He is soaking up the Bible lessons, has memorized the names of the New Testament books of the Bible through 2 Thessalonians, and has a really neat understanding of the Bible.   Keith & I smile as Alex randomly bursts into church song or shares something from the Bible with us!


Max, last night, after falling down the stairs (don’t worry – he’s just fine!)…

Me, hearing the crashing noise and Max’s cry:  “Max did you just fall down the stairs?!”

Max, in tears: “No, Mommy, my butt went down the stairs before me!”November2012 118

Max is in a stage where he mostly likes to imitate what his big brother is doing.  He plays what Alex plays.  He says what Alex says.  He likes to “hum” while he plays, or sing little tunes with “babbly”  words.  He doesn’t sing real songs most of the time.  He is definitely not just like Alex, but he has learned his style of play from watching big brother.

Max is finally getting close to potty training.  He’s been very stubborn and resistant, but it seems he is finally starting to care.  Because he’s showed progress, I allowed him to go to Alex’s Sunday School class and Wee Worship this past weekend.  He was so proud to go to big boy class!  If he does well on the potty again this week, he may go to class again next Sunday.  (Gee, that sounds awful when I see it in writing!  You’re supposed to be three years old AND potty trained to attend, so I really am following the rules…not just offering a crazy bribe!)

To this point, he has opted NOT to go to Alex’s Story Hour class.  Max would rather play in the nursery.  They compliment him in the nursery there, saying he is such a good boy and that they love having him in class.  I think he soaks up the attention there, but I told him that after Christmas, it’s time to start going to class at Story Hour.  I know he’s ready to learn, but at the same time, I hate to think that Baby #2 is turning into a big boy!  My babies are getting big far too quickly!

(Pictures are of a parking garage that Alex built out of blocks…he was very proud of this creation!)

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Anonymous said...

Love Alex's parking garage! Both of these stories made me giggle! Sweet boys you have! Yay on the potty training going pretty well!