Friday, November 2, 2012

Pumpkin Playground & More Fun

Pumpkin Playground on Saturday night
Alex & Jensyn ~ Jake & Izzy from Jake & The Neverland Pirates
Max ~ Alex’s Spiderman costume

(We had a bit of a costume switcheroo…Alex wanted a Spiderman costume, but then he REFUSED to wear it.  Max was eager to wear it, so it worked out well.)

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Max won a prize after only two or three tries in the cake walk.
Poor Alex probably did about 30 rounds of the cake walk before winner!
Jensyn caught on and participated, too, but we didn’t let her pick a prize ;)

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cookie decorating station

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Alex’s LOVED this bozo buckets game. 
He grinned from ear to ear the whole time!

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Wednesday Morning ~ trick or treating at Nana’s retirement home
Alex, Max, Jensyn – Jake, Izzy, and Cubby

Nana’s retirement home offers trick or treating for a nearby daycare/preschool, and they also invite grankids/great-grandkids to come for the fun!

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with cousin Cailin

October2012 396

Wednesday afternoon – Grandma & Grandpa S’s house

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Wednesday night – church
”Mr. Can’t Make Up His Mind Alex” wanted to be a firefighter this time…
good thing we had plenty of costumes lying around  for all his wardrobe changes!

all of the kids who were at church for dinner
(minus Jensyn, who was still eating…and Max, who was escaping the picture!)

October2012 400

Baby Ben was a bumblebee. 
His mommy was a flower, and his daddy was the dirt ;)

I thought it was interesting that every child in this picture
is either homeschooled or too young to be in school.
(More kids came later, just in time for class.)

 October2012 401

Instead of regular Wednesday night class,
the kids did a craft, had snacks, and watched a video.

Even Jensyn joined in the fun ;)
Not only did she have her own bowl of popcorn & a cookie,
but just about every child in the room shared their popcorn
and cookies with her.
Can you say SUGAR HIGH?!

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Anonymous said...

What fun!! I love that Alex changed his costume so much! Jensyn looks so happy with her snack!