Thursday, October 25, 2012

Coming Soon: D’Nealian Handwriting Practice

Bb 2handwriting

Recently, there have been quite a few requests for D’Nealian practice pages.  It has taken a while to find a D’Nealian font set that fit the bill. 

Now, if I had my way, this font would be just like the traditional font pages – with the little starting dots for each letter.  My son really does well with the starting dots, and I imagine many of you appreciate those dots as well! 

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t make that font in D’nealian.  I had to go with something different.  The colored letters at the top will be your guide in teaching your little one(s) to write the letters correctly. 

This set should be finished by this weekend.  I’m really trying to get it done, since there will be a 15% sale this weekend!  (Valid along with the sale: Purchase 3 items in one transaction, & you’ll receive a 4th item of your choice for free.  I’ll contact you by e-mail AND Teachers Notebook message after your purchase to ask which pack you’d like.)

(If you’re wondering, once this is complete, I’ll be finishing the updates on my Thanksgiving Pack freebie next week…and then will begin the Nativity Pack to be completed by December 1st.)


Jamie Thompson said...

So exciting! We were going to use this for our language arts curriculum this year but went a different route and I regret it. This will be a wonderful tool!

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job with all of your printables! Tim and I watched Agenda last night btw!