Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fun With Katelynn

My niece, Katelynn, was home from college for fall break.  She asked if we could get together & do something fun.  We decided to meet at the inflatable place and then go for lunch.  We still had a few visits left on our Groupon punch card, so the inflatable play was FREE! :)

There are 3 locations in our general area, and we’d never been to this one before.  It was HUGE!  There are definitely more inflatables here than at the other two locations.  The only drawback was that there are four separate rooms, so it is hard to keep track of your kids.  When you daughter wants to be in the toddler room & your sons want to be two rooms away, you definitely need a helper.  Thanks, Katelynn!

Afterwards, we went to Chili’s to have lunch together.  It was a really fun day, and the kids LOVED playing with their big cousin.  Here are a few pictures of our fun.

Kate & Jensyn at the bottom of the giant Noah’s Ark slide.  This was Jensyn’s favorite, and it’s a HUGE slide.  We took turns sliding down with her, and she always giggled, squealed, and left her tongue hanging out ;)

October2012 117

 October2012 115

 October2012 094 October2012 097

This one was kind of fun –
you could take the ball pit balls and float them on top of the cones.

October2012 099 October2012 102
one of Alex’s favorites – the play castle

October2012 100October2012 113

October2012 107 October2012 108

more big slides – so hard to get pictures in motion with a cheap camera!
  October2012 104 October2012 105

Max’s favorite – inflatable basketball!

October2012 109 October2012 110 October2012 112

gigantic Connect Four

October2012 114

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Anonymous said...

So glad you guys had fun!! Sammy also loves the inflatable basketball game when we go.. actually it is his only favorite part about those inflatables :-P Silly boy!