Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Agenda: Grinding America Down

This blog stays very focused on family & homeschool related posts.  I hope that you’ll allow me to veer off-topic today for just one special post.

The video pictured above, Agenda: Grinding America Down, is currently FREE to watch online from now through November 6th.

Friends lent this video to us several months ago.  We really weren’t all that interested in watching it, so the video sat on our counter for several weeks before got around to watching it.  Even then, we stuck it in the DVD player and sat down to half-heartedly watch JUST so we could tell our friends we saw it.

Well, we are SO GLAD we took the time to see it.   While we ‘kind-of’ knew a lot of what was presented in this documentary, some of it was new to us…and very eye-opening!  We actually purchased our own copy to share with friends & family!

I’d encourage you to set aside an hour or two {when the little are sleeping or otherwise occupied} and taking a little time to watch this movie.  You may or may not agree with everything that is presented, but (in my opinion) it’s well worth your time.

We now return you to your family-friendly, non-political blog *Ü*


Anonymous said...

I will have to set aside some time to watch this soon!

Len said...

Thank you for sharing! Very well put video. Most of information is well known but it was still well worth the time.