Monday, September 10, 2012

Opinions Wanted: K4 Handwriting Set

The Handwriting Practice Pages available in my Teachers Notebook shop have quickly become my second best seller.  (The Dr. Seuss pack is the best seller, if you’re wondering.)

I’ve been thinking about expanding that set for a while now, and here is what I have in mind.  This includes 4 days of handwriting/letter sound practice.  The images will match with what is available in the handwriting practice pages, in case anyone wants to use the the larger print pages along with this set.

These pages are designed to be used by an older 4 year old or younger 5 year old who is not yet in kindergarten, but has a desire to learn.  It could also be used as part of a K4 classroom or homeschool curriculum.

While Days 1 – 4 are designed to be used in a specific order, it will not matter which letter you use each week.  You do not have to work through these pages in alphabetical order. 

Day 1
Children will:
1) learn the letter sound.
2) trace the large letters on the page.
3) do a tactile (hands-on) activity, such as writing the letter in a salt box, writing with a finger on a gel-filled bag, or making the letter with play dough.

handwriting day 1

Day 2
Children will:
1) trace the letters in a slightly smaller font.
2) circle 4 pictures that begin with the letter of the week.

handwriting day 2

Day 3
Children will:
1) trace the letter of the week in both uppercase and lowercase in a smaller font.
2) try writing the letters independently & circle their best attempts.
(You could substitute the larger print set available in my shop on this day, if desired.)

handwriting day 3

Day 4
Children will:
1) trace the letter of the week in the box.
2) trace the words beginning with the letter of the week.
3) draw a line from each word to the correct picture.
(Mom/Teacher can tell student what the word says, or student may attempt to sound out the word.  This will depend on the child’s readiness.)

handwriting day 4   

Day 5
This is up to you!  Add another tactile letter activity from the provided list, do an art project or cooking project that ties in with the letter of the week, or just skip it.

Combine Days 1 & 2 into one day, if desired.

There will be some units with an additional page, such as a do-a-dot page, a uppercase/lowercase letter sort, etc.

I value your opinions!

1 ~ What do you like or dislike about this set of pages?  (Take a look at each page below & read the descriptions, please.)

2 ~ Is there anything you would add to this set?

3~ What do you feel is an appropriate price for a this set, when compared to other prices in my shop?  It will contain around 120 - 130 pages, so it’s much larger than anything I currently sell.  (I’m leaning towards $5 or you can purchase a combo set that includes the original handwriting pages for $6.)

Please, please, please…SHARE YOUR OPINIONS!


Jen @ Happy Little Homemaker said...

Hmmm... I like the sheets as you have them set up. Ideas for tactile options would be nice for those of us who don't like to think too hard. Ahem.

The price point seems like a bargain compared to the size of the others. I like it!

D. Haynes said...

I like your idea as for what you are thinking of adding, however I would change one thing and that is, the day one sheet. I`d add color to the dots you have with the numbers & arrows. I think adding say green to start the letter and red to stop writing the letter would be very helpful. As far as price, I`d suggest $3.00 or $4.00 for both. There is so much out there for free and when we print 120 pages the ink adds up. This is your choice but I think you`ld get a great response with those prices. Other then that, keep up the great work! Debbie

Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

Thank you, Debbie & Jen!

Jen ~ I have written a list of tactile activities/instructions, and each Day 1 page will have a suggested activity...all planned out so you don't have to think. I hate to think, too, so it's nice to have it all laid out! ;)

Debbie ~ I think I will meet in the middle and do $4 for the new pack and $5 for a combo pack. The original pack is just one page/letter and sells GREAT for $2/pack. The new pack is 4 pages/letter, so I think asking $4 is fair.

You're definitely correct when you say there are a lot of free handwriting pages available! That's why it surprised me that the original pack became a top seller at $2!

Anonymous said...

So I am just getting to the bottom of my google reader and I saw this! I think this sounds amazing!! I love the aspect of having them circle which one is the best! What a great way to put a positive spin on it!