Thursday, September 20, 2012

Alex’s Big Adventure

September2012 163

We had a crazy couple of days around here!  Alex had a cold, and it settled into his chest.  He woke up early on Tuesday morning, breathing very quickly and retracting with each breath.

Daddy was on a business trip in Alabama, and we’re very thankful for two sets of grandparents who stepped up to make things a whole lot easier in the midst of this crazy week! 

My mom dropped everything, came to our house with nothing but the clothes on her back, and stayed until Alex was released.  My dad came down to be with my mom on the second night until I could get home with Alex.  Keith’s parents kept us company at the hospital, brought presents to keep Alex busy, made phone calls, and picked up prescriptions.


September2012 140September2012 141

talking on the phone to daddy, who felt terrible that he couldn’t be here
 September2012 138 September2012 139 

watching Netflix on Mama’s Kindle

September2012 149

playing with his new Spiderman toy from Grandma & Papa

 September2012 143 September2012 145 September2012 146 September2012 148

Alex’s glowing pulse-ox monitor

September2012 150 September2012 151 September2012 152

When Alex first woke in the morning, I asked him if he wanted to
stay awake  or get some more rest.  His very true answer? 

“Mommy, it is SUPER DUPER hard to sleep in a hospital!”

Funny faces in the mirror on the bed tray

 September2012 154 September2012 155 September2012 156 September2012 159

eating a few bites of lunch -
mostly he was just thirsty
September2012 162

hospital playroom – Alex’s favorite part of his hospital stay

September2012 160 September2012 161

FINALLY released at 10:30 PM – HOORAY!

  September2012 164

We have a wonderful doctor, and the nurses were all so very kind!
While it was a very late release, we appreciate that his doctor was willing to come at 9 PM after her own very crazy day to release him! :)

We have our very own $130 “souvenir” – a nebulizer for home.
It’s been an interesting week, to say the least!


Michelle said...

Praying for you, Alex!! Hope you feel tons better soon :-)

Anonymous said...

ohhh no!!! How is he doing now? I hope he is feeling better! I hope you were able to get some sleep!

Les said...

So, so glad he is doing better!