Thursday, September 6, 2012

Danielle’s Wedding

My niece Danielle got married last month, and I still haven’t posted about it!  Maybe I’m denying that I am old enough to have a married niece…or that I have a sister who’s old enough to have a married daughter.

Anyway, it was a BEAUTIFUL wedding!  It was so pretty,  and Danielle & Jesse thought of so many neat little touches to make their special day just right.

Alex & Max were the ring bearers.  Jensyn was a flower girl, along with Jesse’s niece Emma.

If I wait until I’ve journalled in detail before posting, it might never get posted.  I hope the pictures will be memory enough of this special weekend!

Rehearsal Night
August2012 027

wedding day

 IMG_0058 IMG_0059 IMG_0073   August2012 030 August2012 031 August2012 032

my parents

August2012 034

ring bearers – they’d been warned to walk SLOWLY.
Max took that very seriously. 
Alex was already in front by Daddy, and Max wasn’t even halfway up the aisle.
He wanted his present for being a good boy!

August2012 036 August2012 038

love the sign on the back of the wagon

August2012 039 August2012 040
getting presents for being so well behaved during the wedding
(new sunglasses & pajamas)

 August2012 042
August2012 044 August2012 045

Danielle & Jesse with the ringbearers and flower girls

August2012 050 August2012 051 August2012 052

outdoor reception in a beautiful tent –
they thought of every touch to make it so beautiful & fit their personalities!

hand carved place setting “cards”
 August2012 053

table numbers on flashcards
because Danielle is a math teacher

August2012 056

special party favors for the little ones
August2012 055 

no alcohol at the reception, but they had a slushy machine
with purple & blue slushies to match the wedding colors

August2012 058

beautiful cake!

August2012 060

two of my nieces (Alyssa & Emma), Jensyn, and my sister Donna

August2012 061

Max with my niece Katelynn

August2012 063

my nephews, nieces, and boys were all
seated together at this table

 August2012 065

my kids wouldn’t dance, but Jensyn liked wandering
across the dance floor on her own

 August2012 076 August2012 078 August2012 079 August2012 081

Grandpa S and Jensyn

August2012 082

Emma & Jensyn, Aunt Deb & Max
August2012 086 August2012 087


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