Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Little Bookworm

We often find Jensyn with a book in her hands.  She loves to carry them around the house, hand them to me (“Heeya Go, Mama”), or sit and “read” them to herself.

September2012 172

I caught her in her bedroom this morning, paging through a little Bible story book all by herself.  She gave me the biggest grins when she saw the camera :)

September2012 173 I love the tongue hanging out…it’s just so very…JENSYN.

September2012 171 

She will look at a book in my lap, and she *might* let me read her a few pages.  Mostly, though, she prefers to look at books on her own.  Hopefully that will eventually translate into a love of reading!


Anonymous said...

So stinking cute!!! I love the picture with her tongue hanging out!

Michelle said...

Jensyn is just too adorable! She looks oooo big in her little chair :-)