Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

On Saturday afternoon, we drove down to Kevin & Leanne’s house to spend the night, have fun together, and go to their church the next morning.  It’s the first time we’ve been able to attend their church since they moved last winter, and we really enjoyed getting to hear Kevin preach!

After church on Sunday, we headed to the Sweet Corn Festival in a nearby town.  There was, of course, plenty of free sweet corn to eat!  It’s also a typical fair with lots of food, games, and rides.

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Grandma P paid for the grandkids to ride on a camel.   Ooh, did that make this mama a little nervous, but the kids had fun! Each of my little ones rode with a bigger cousin to keep them safely on the camels’s back.  Thank you, Grandma!

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Max was allowed to ride, even though he didn’t quite meet the height requirements.
Considering it was an airplane, he was pretty excited about that!

September2011 049

Jensyn hung out and enjoyed her afternoon…

September2011 052

…while Kyle & Aunt Annie zipped around this crazy track!

September2011 053

On Monday, we headed to Indiana Beach to use the half-price tickets I bought on Groupon earlier this year.  We packed a picnic lunch, and we enjoyed a nice, cool day.  It really wasn’t all that crowded, which made for a wonderful day!

Max was allowed on almost all of the kiddy rides, and he loved it!  He kept pointing and saying, “I want to ride dat!”  He was even brave enough to ride the Frog Hopper!

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And THIS is how you know when it’s time to head home…September2011 080

…two tired boys flopped down on the ground!

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What a great trip! Looks like you guys had fun!