Monday, September 26, 2011

Kids In The Kitchen – Pumpkin Fun!

 September2011 239

I’d like to say that the craziness was only for the camera, but this was my Monday.  From 8 AM – 2 PM, I had three VERY EXUBERANT kids in my house.  By 10 AM, I knew we’d need a project or I’d go insane.  Why I chose a messy, crazy, sugary project…well, I might never know.  It did keep the kids busy, though!

In the morning, we worked together to make my favorite chocolate cut-out cookie dough.  YUM ~ everything’s better with chocolate!  (These cookies are soft and taste a lot like a brownie.)  Everybody took turns measuring and stirring.  We left the dough in the fridge to chill until after lunch.

Once it was chilled, we rolled it, cut it into pumpkins, and baked it.  Once the cookies cooled, we “painted” them with orange icing.  Then we decorated with green sprinkles and mini chocolate chips.

  September2011 243 September2011 244

To be honest, Alex & Grace decorated their cookies.  Max just broke his cookie in half, ate the frosting from a spoon, and then ate his cookie.  No pumpkins for him! ;)

September2011 242

There was one three-eyed pumpkin, but the rest turned out pretty cute!  The craziness never left our house, but at least we contained the chaos to the kitchen counter for quite a while! ;)

September2011 245


Michelle said...

Cute, cute , cute :-)

Anonymous said...

cute and yum and you are crazy!