Monday, September 19, 2011

The Greatest Show On Earth

Okay, so it wasn’t Ringling Brothers…and while it was enjoyable, it probably wasn’t THE greatest.  It was most definitely the hottest, though!

September2011 024

The Kelly Miller travelling circus came to town a few weeks ago, and we thought the boys would really enjoy a chance to go to the circus.  It was less than 5 minutes from our house!  (That was a really nice bonus, as there’s almost nothing exciting within 30 minutes of our house…)

Well, it turns out that it was almost 100 degrees on this day…in a circus tent…with no air circulation..and seats in the second row from the top.  Wow, it was HOT in there!

September2011 019

My camera didn’t do so well with the lighting inside the tent, so the pictures aren’t great.  The boys really enjoyed it!  Alex loved the clowns best…although his first-ever cotton candy is a close second place!  Max wasn’t able to tell us a favorite part, but he sure seemed to enjoy himself.

Both boys loved watching!

September2011 021

The pictures are really rather random, and I didn’t feel like sorting through. 
I’m just posting every picture that’s on the camera.  Sorry!

Waiting for the show to start…

 September2011 006 September2011 007

Max trying his first cotton candy…

 September2011 010September2011 009  September2011 013September2011 014

Alex’s first cotton candy…

 September2011 012    September2011 016

We brought the boys’ water bottles because there’s NO WAY you could sit in that hot tent for 1.5 hours without a drink.

September2011 017 September2011 018 

A few show pictures…

September2011 020  September2011 022 September2011 023

Jensyn and I stayed with Keith and the boys for the first half of the show, but it was just too hot in there for a baby to stay any longer than that.  I took Jensyn out to the car to cool off in the a/c for the last 30 minutes.  Missing the show wasn’t a big deal for me, but I was sad to miss the boys’ reaction to {what Keith said was…} the best part of the show.

Our afternoon at the circus is the reason we started tot school with a circus unit this year.  The boys were both excited about monkeys, tigers, clowns, and cotton candy.  I don’t think anything we do for tot school this year will top our circus week!

My friend Michelle from Musings of Me just shared a free copy of her preK circus unit with me, so we might just have to do another circus week sometime soon!  (Not to turn a family post into an advertisement, but Michelle is selling this pack for $5, and it’s chock full of FUN stuff!  I was actually planning to buy it, but when I sat down to purchase it, I had a message from Michelle with the free pack.  Thanks, Michelle!)

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Anonymous said...

I have yet to take Sammy to the circus.. but I can't wait to do it! What a fun preschool pack. I know Jolanthe has a circus one as well :-)