Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Gave Up ;) (repost, with editing)

Last week Thursday, my sister Deb & I took the kids for Max's 2 year pictures and for pictures of the 3 kiddos together.  Max completely panicked, cried, and was a wreck. We walked away with no pictures. (But - since I've worn maternity clothes the past 2 fall seasons and had NO long sleeve clothes - we went to Kohl's and got my fall/winter wardrobe instead. Thanks, Deb, for helping me shop!)
Today my mom & I tried again. We practiced last night with an old Viewmaster (remember those?) as a camera. We got to the studio early today so Max could play and feel comfortable before we did the pictures. He giggled with the photographers, and he was having a good old time. He stopped, though, as soon as he was supposed to sit down & smile.
Although he was slightly more cooperative, we still didn't get great pictures. I gave up on torturing my kids. We'll take what we got, and we'll call it good.
So, with LOTS of balls (since Max loves them and the balls kept him on the backdrop...) and a Viewmaster in the pictures, here's what we got. Feel free to giggle. We did!
Happy big brother, little brother having a tantrum…it’s a regular day in my life! ;)
It took THREE photographers helping in various ways to get decent pictures today.  Oh, my…when you have three children ages 3 and under, don’t ever expect great photos or an easy experience.  THANK GOODNESS for a studio we love and patient, friendly photographers!
I’m using the proof CD, so I might not have the correct image, but this one (or one very similar) is my favorite…
Because I typically dress my boys in polo shirts & nice shoes to have their pictures taken with random soccer balls ;)

This melts my heart.  I only wish she was smiling…
It won’t let me rotate the picture, but this is the best close-up of all 3 together…with a soccer ball.

Can you see Alex tugging on Max’s shirt to keep him from escaping…
and can you tell that Max is on the verge of screaming at his brother?

The ONLY shot of Max with a smile on his face.  His hair was a complete wreck by this point, but a wise mama doesn’t mess with the hair of a cooperating child!   So, his hair i a mess in his 2 year portraits!

Since we were there, and since I think the photographers would all run & hide if we tried to set foot in their studio any time soon, we decided to just call this Alex’s 4 year portrait…3 months early.

And there you have it…the last time we’re setting foot in a studio until my children learn how to cooperate and behave in public!  Ha! ;)


Monica said...

Too funny! Well, totally not funny at the time I'm sure...more one of those "will be funny someday" moments. Ah, life with little ones... :)

Marlynn said...

Ya...I would say 4 year old pic too. No need to get nicpicky. Great photos though!