Friday, September 2, 2011

Family Weekend

I come from a family of 5 kids.  We’re all married with kids of our own now, and it’s tricky to get everyone together.  We used to do a weekend getaway as a family – camping or staying in a condo at a waterpark hotel - but for the past couple of years we’ve done something on a smaller scale. 

We had an extended family reunion with my mom’s relatives on Saturday evening, then on Sunday everyone came to our church for Max’s birthday party/Jensyn’s dedication, and Monday was our family day. 

We started out with breakfast for 20ish people at Cracker Barrel.  See what Alex is holding?  He was sitting next to me; I wasn’t paying much attention to him as he ate his pancakes.  Next thing I know, he’s saying, “Look, Mom!  They have little jello cups!”  Yep.  He was eating the jelly packets.

 August2011 153 August2011 154 August2011 155 August2011 156

From there, we went to spend the middle of the day at a fun center.  Dad gave everyone a handful of tokens and some tickets for mini-golf and go-carts.  My boys LOVE to try out the arcade games.  Thankfully, they’re still young enough that they don’t care if they are pretending to play the games without using tokens!

August2011 159 August2011 161 August2011 165 August2011 169

This was one of their favorites.  I love to play this game the “real” way.  The boys love to reach up inside, pull out the balls, and try to thrown them into the correct buckets.  It doesn’t harm the game – you just don’t get a countdown or win any prize tickets.

August2011 170 August2011 171 August2011 172 August2011 175

Alex enjoyed sitting in this car while we waited to ride the go-carts.

August2011 177

The go-carts are for ages 3 and up, but Alex got away with it last year at 2.5 years old.  I asked my dad if he’d be willing to try getting Max on the go-carts, since Max has looked longingly at these while his big brother rides.  My dad asked, and the guys let Max go…probably because EVERY car on the track was part of our family! :)

August2011 180 

Max took it very seriously, just sitting there looking very solemn. 
He said he liked it and he had fun, so we’ll have to believe him.

August2011 187

We split into smaller groups while golfing.  I golfed with Keith, my sisters Deb & Diane, and my nephew Justin.  My parents golfed with Max and Alex, which was definitely an interesting experience!  I don’t think either of my boys has played putt-putt before, and they certainly weren’t interested in following any rules!  Thanks, Mom & Dad, for being so patient with our goofy little boys!

 August2011 190 August2011 193

By this point, it was well past naptime.  We were going to hang out at my parents’ house for a while before going out for supper.  Max couldn’t take it any more, and he conked out in the car!

August2011 196

We finished off the night with pizza at a family favorite – Aurelio’s.  The original one in Homewood is the best, and they have plenty of room for our giant crew!

This year, we split up into a kids table, a guy’s table, and a lady’s table.   Yes, Jensyn is at the “wrong” table, but she was getting to know her Uncle Tony.  This weekend was Tony’s first time to see her!  As I look at these pictures, I’m realizing that my nephew Justin is at the mens’ table, and my nieces Danielle & Alyssa are at the lady’s table.  Wow!  Who let my nephew and nieces turn into ADULTS?!

 August2011 197 August2011 198

(don’t look for me…I’m behind the camera!)

August2011 199

Thanks, Mom & Dad, for spoiling us with this fun day!

We love & appreciate you!


Michelle said...

What an awesome day and a special time! :-)

Justine said...

This looks like such a great day!

Kat said...

You are so lucky to have such a big family that isn't *too* far away!! It looks like you had a really nice day!

Marlynn said...

Fun!!! And what a big family...kinda like mine :)