Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jensyn – 2 Months

June2011 039Little Miss turned 2 months old on Saturday.  Time is FLYING!

She had her 2 month well-baby visit on Monday with Dr. Brewer.  Pretty standard – nothing special.  Dr. Brewer did say that Jensyn has really good head/neck control for a baby her age.

Jensyn’s stats:

10 lbs, 14 oz
22.5 inches long
15” head circumference

For comparison:

Alex, at two months, weighed 11 lbs, 7 oz and measured 23.5 inches long.

Max weighs 11 lbs, 8 oz and measures 23.75 inches

It’s interesting that our biggest baby at birth (that’d be Jensyn) is the smallest of the babies at 2 months.  Perhaps she knows that her mama wants her to stay little! ;)

Jensyn is a pretty easy baby, but when she wants to be held…HOLD HER or she’ll scream!  She’ll often sit contentedly in her bouncy seat in the morning.  In the afternoon and evening, though, be prepared to hold, cuddle, and bounce her when she’s awake.  Sometimes the swing will buy me 15 minutes to put away laundry or give the boys a bath if Keith’s not home to help.

May2011 073

This little lady continues to be a really good night-time sleeper.  I usually nurse her (or she sucks her pacifier if she’s nursed after 10) at about 10:45, holding her until she’s lightly asleep. She’ll often open her eyes and stir as I’m laying her in the crib. I really should start putting her down drowsy, but awake…but it’s so cuddly holding her until she’s sleeping!

She’s asleep by 11 PM and ,for the past few nights, wakes around 6 AM.  She nurses at 6, then goes back to sleep until I wake her around 8:30 or 9 AM.

June2011 097

She’s outgrowing her swaddle wrap, and I’m thinking that we’re going to need a new summer-weight one.  I’m not about to attempt putting her to bed without a swaddle since she sleeps so well at night!  We’ve got plenty of fleece ones, but they’re really too heavy for June!

She naps during the day, usually on her tummy in her crib, but sometimes in her bouncy seat.  She’s not on a set schedule yet, but she seems to take a couple of shorter naps in the morning, a longer (2+ hour) nap in the afternoon, and a couple of catnaps in our arms in the evening.

June2011 015She’s the first of our babies to LOVE the pacifier.  That little girl just loves to suck on her Nuk!

We gave Jensyn her first bottle on Friday night.  We weren’t going to do it, but a few things made us decide it could come in handy.  I had an ER visit during the night, and we had to bring her along so she could nurse if needed.  It’s a little crazy toting your baby to the ER at 2 AM!  Also, we’ll be taking a vacation – which we hadn’t planned to do – this summer, and we’re hoping to leave her with family while we see a show in Branson.June2011 075Anyway, she did a great job with her first bottle and sucked it dry in a hurry!  Even though we have a bunch of Playtex bottles, we gave her a Gerber Nuk bottle since she’s used to those pacifiers.  We only have one Nuk bottle, so it’s a good thing she’s only going to take the occasional bottle!  (Besides, I’m *really* glad to get our big tote full of bottles out of the baby’s closet!)

She’s an excellent nurser, almost as quick about it as Max.  She nurses every 3 hours or so during the day, more often in the evening, and then has that nice long night-time stretch of 6 – 7 hours.  I love her for that! :)

She’s smiling more often, but Jensyn still isn’t making many baby coos.  She’ll squeal on occasion, but isn’t a real “talker” just yet.  Dr. Brewer was saying today that 3 months is when most babies are getting pretty good at the coo-ing thing.

June2011 033Our old play gym had no more dangling toys – Alex & Max wore it out!  My parents bought this one for Jensyn.   Isn’t it cute?  Anyway, she’ll lay under here, and she enjoys watching the toys if you wiggle them.  She’s not batting at them yet, but she’ll watch the toys for 10 – 15 minutes. May2011 032 

That’s about all…a sweet, precious little one who’s growing well and is pretty content.  We’re in love with this little one, and I think we’ll keep her for a while! ;)


Allison said...

She's precious! Ebee was great at bottles, since she took a binkie, but I didn't have to give her one regularly like Natalie. She just took it randomly like it was no big deal. Maybe Jensyn will be like that for you. The swaddle blankets I got for my kids are at They're extremely lightweight. Malachi just stopped being swaddled a few days ago.

Lindsay said...

Ohh she is getting so big! Love all of the pictures!

Kat said...

She is so cute!!! How exciting that you are taking a vacation!

She sounds like she is a model citizen of a baby! ;)

Michelle Jamie said...

I've stopped over again!

A neonatal nurse friend of mine told me when my 4th was born in January that I should swaddle him with this hands together, in the middle near his face because of something to do with the self calming and brain development. Take it or leave it. I know it worked just as well for me so thought I'd pass on the information.