Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daddy’s iPod

We tend not to spoil ourselves around here.  Our cell phones are very basic.  Until recently, we didn’t even have texting plans!  We don’t have any electronic gadgets, even though we would both really enjoy them.  We have our desktop computer, and that’s it. 

Finally, FINALLY, Keith decided go ahead and get something fun for his birthday this year.  He really debated, but he bought an iPod Touch.

Alex is our gadget kid, and he was anxiously waiting for Daddy to let him check out this new toy.  Daddy downloaded a few kids apps for Alex, and they sat down at the table to try it out.  I think it’s safe to say that Alex was having fun!

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Keith downloaded a bunch of new stuff while he had nothing to do at the hotel in Pittsburgh.  We’ve all been enjoying Daddy’s new toy since he came home!  Oh, and I know what I want for Christmas this year ;) 

What are your favorite apps (especially ones for your kiddos) on your iPod?  We’re mainly looking for the free ones…and that probably doesn’t surprise you! ;)


Kinderpond said...

Doodle Buddy is a must plus look for the app "free Apps" each day it updates apps that became free :)


Anonymous said...

Very fun! Enjoy the new toy!

Giggly Girls said...

Oh we are totally a gadget family here. Particularly when it comes to Apple products. LOL

Fav kids apps: Tickle Tap, Starfall ABC, Starfall Gingerbread, Tapping Zoo, Toddler Teaser, Doodle Buddy, Tap Dots

Marlynn said...

Our house is the same way. I'm been playing with my moms iPad...yep think I need one. To bad I won't convince myself of it for the price. Sorry don't know of any good apps.

Kat said... have texting now???? =)

I love my Ipod touch...and so does Sami. In fact when it goes "missing" I know whose room to check first! ;)