Friday, June 3, 2011

Nap Time?

Some days my boys go down for naps fairly easily.  (Well, Alex does.  Max usually needs a couple of reminders to lay down.)

Today is NOT one of these days.  I read them stories, gave kisses, and shut the door at 2 PM.  All seemed quiet, and I was very impressed…

…for 23 minutes.

That’s when I heard a whole bunch of shuffling and some giggles.  Heading down the hallway, I opened their door and found Alex DIVING into his bed.  Max was standing in the middle of the room with that “I’m caught” look on his face.

I noticed a strange glow coming from Alex’s bed.  It was my camera.  (This explains why I spent 23 minutes wondering where I’d left my camera, since it wasn’t on the desk…)  Turns out the boys were using nap time to do their own little photo shoot.

I’m not a skilled photographer, but we may need a lesson in proper lighting…

Alex’s self-portraitJune2011 065

Max – who was obviously playing with trains
sometime after I shut the doorJune2011 045

Alex’s feetJune2011 051

The oh-so-cheesy Maxwell June2011 054

Mama ended that little party, took the camera, and giggled at Alex’s photography skills.  It took three more trips to the room to settle those mischievous little guys, but they are now sleeping peacefully…

…at least, I think they are.


Lindsay said...

LOL silly boys!!

Michelle said...

Hahaha - laughing at the fun they had but I know the Mommy "ugh" when they won't nap!!!!
Hope they go down tonight for you without much drama :-)

Kevin & Leanne said...

I love those boys !! I am sure as they get older they will learn how not to leave proof of their mischief behavior.

Susie said...

Oh my goodness, they are so funny. I think you need running shoes, (if you haven't already got them). Because I have a feeling they are going to keep you on the run. I saw a t-shirt when I ran the mini marathon that said RUNNING MOM, 13.1 miles of peace and quiet. Ha ha. You wouldn't even need to train for a mini because you are probably already running that in a days time taking care of your 3 babies. I thought the shirt was cute but I didn't buy it bc the truth is and I am sure you think the same. I love that God gave me 3 high energy packed kids who bring us joy everyday! I know you are in the stage with your kids that going to the bathroom by yourself may seem like a dream. But you are doing a wonderful job mothering them, because you can see how healthy and happy they are in their smiles! Love your blog posts!

Ewa said...

Your little monkeys are adorable. I love to read your adventures therefore I decided to leave you an award on my site
Have a beautiful week