Monday, June 13, 2011

Sweet Smiles

Jensyn is smiling more and more every day, and we’re loving it.  This was in the garage one day while the boys were playing in the driveway.  She was so happy!

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Later on, we found a SNAKE in the garage.  It was just a small, harmless garter snake.  It’s still GROSS, however, to think that my baby girl was sitting inches from the ground in the same spot we later found the snake.  I hope Mr. Snake showed up later, and wasn’t lurking under her bouncy seat. *shudder* 

(For the record, Keith was out of town.  My terrific idea for getting rid of the snake was to leave the garage door open for several hours and hope he slithered out.  With my luck, he’s all curled up inside a case of Coke in the garage, and I’ll find him in my refrigerator when I bring the case inside…)


Marlynn said...

Yuck! I hate snakes big time. All stems back to when I went to feed the chickens one time, opened the granery door and there was this coiled up blow snake looking me straight in the face. Ruined me for life!

Hey I never got your email, I emailed you hopefully you get it. If not my email is I'm defintaly interested in a wildlife theme tot pack.

Kevin & Leanne said...

I say good plan about leaving the garage door open. I would also buy a new case of Coke and save the one in the garage until Keith gets home. It might make a good Father's Day present. LOL

Kat said...

Aww she is so precious...but snakes...not precious! YIKES!