Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tiny Talk…

Oh Alex, do you know how much I enjoy being your Mama? You never stop chattering. At times, I long for a little peace, but you make me smile with the silly little things you say!May2010 104b

I know that I’ve missed recording some of your cute sayings over the past few months, so I started keeping a scribbled list on the kitchen counter. Before I forget what my scribbles mean, here’s a list of recent comments.

  • Yesterday morning, you went to your basket of cars and trucks. You pulled out your favorite tractor, set it on the kitchen table, and said, “Hi Twactoh! How you been doin’ in that toy box lass night?”
  • On Mother’s Day morning, you sat on the living room floor by the baby. You bent over, hugged Max, and said, “I want to pway wiff my bwuther. I wuv my baby!”
  • Last week, Daddy & I were spelling parts of our conversation at the dinner table. {Oh yes, we’ve reached that stage…} You must have felt left out, because you suddenly blurted out, “C. Q. V. R. Seven!” (I love that you added a 7 at the end!)
  • You *love* Meijer, thanks to Sandy The Penny Horse. I had no clue you recognized the Meijer logo, but I sat down at the computer yesterday to look at the Meijer ad online. You climbed up, looked at the screen, and said, “You shoppin’ at My-wer, Mommy?”
  • This one is a little unbelievable, but I swear it’s true: We were blowing bubbles on the front porch. When we finished, we were walking toward the garage to go inside. I was startled by a large furry thing walking out from under my car, and I screamed – which startled Large Furry Thing. Large Furry Thing dashes away, running straight into a large sand pail lying on its side in the grass. The momentum made the sand pail and animal go FLYING through the air. The sand pail flipped over in the air, and the Large Furry Thing went flying straight into the ditch full of water next to our house. I stood there stunned. You did, too, but for a different reason. When you spoke, you said (with awe), "Jumpy Squirrel came to OUR house!” (Jumpy Squirrel is a character on Curious George.)
  • When something makes you laugh, you tell me, “That makes me funny, Mom!” For example, Maggie was licking your feet while you ate breakfast today. You started giggling and said, “Maggie makes me funny, Mama!” For some reason, I corrected you this morning and said, “You mean she makes you laugh, Alex?” I wish I hadn’t said that; you understood what I meant, and you repeated it the correct way. That’s one of those little things I would have enjoyed hearing for a few more months.
  • When Daddy gets home from work, you go running to greet him in the laundry room. Every night, you say, “Hi Daddy! How was your work today?”
  • Yesterday morning, Max (who SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT WITHOUT NURSING!!!!!!) woke before you did. I took Max in my bed to snuggle with me, and he was babbling in typical baby style. Through the monitor, I heard you starting to stir in your bed. Your first waking words were, “I hear my baby talking! What my baby sayin’ to me?” After repeating this a few times, you said, “I will go knock on my door and find my baby!” (You have to knock on the door so I can let you out of your room.) I tiptoed down the hall, set the baby outside your door, turned the knob, and hid in the bathroom. You pulled open your door, saw the baby, and said, “Hi Baby! You come to open my door!” Then you sat down on the floor and had a little talk with Max, as if an 8 month old could truly open your door.

It makes me a little sad to think about how quickly you are growing up and becoming your own person. How I love these things you say, though; they give me reasons to smile each and every day! I love you, little buddy!

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Kat said...

Oh my goodness! That is seriously all SO precious!!! I love the encounters with Max...and that Max slept through the night! =)