Monday, May 17, 2010

Tot School – Snakes – 28 Months

I’m late posting Tot School this week because we made a last-minute decision to head to Keith’s brother’s house for the weekend. We had a great time at Kevin & Leanne’s new house in the country, and Alex got to pet a lot of animals – turtle, bunnies, and horses. It was almost like a nice little petting zoo! (But that’s another post…)

Oh, my, it was hard to come up with something for S week that fit the current interests of my goofy little boy! He has some rubbery toy snakes that get played with from time to time, so we gave that theme a try. Here’s what we did this week. Prepare to be unimpressed! ;)

After creating a little snake in Photoshop, I added a shape to each snake’s head and made matching shapes (larger, of course) for the file folder. Alex had to match each snake to the correct shape on the folder.
May2010 089

May2010 088May2010 090

I printed 4 large and 4 small snakes (with no shapes on their heads…) for Alex to sort by size. He’s not a big fan of size-sorting, but we do it every few weeks anyway. It’s good practice!

May2010 091

We haven’t used the dot markers for a long time. Alex has definitely learned better control. He’s still a bit sloppy, but he’s doing MUCH better about aiming the marker at the circles. The bingo markers are great practice for screwing/unscrewing lids, too.

May2010 092 May2010 093

May2010 095

Conveniently, A Mommy Talks had just made a snake for her little guy. I asked her where she found the activity, and she said it was a printable she’d made. She has it available on her blog now…click here to download it for yourself. Thanks, Madonna! May2010 099

Alex asked to color the snake with bingo markers. He’s a rather messy snake, but the process made Alex very happy. The snake hung from the light over our kitchen table all week…and Alex thought he had permission to climb on the table to visit his snake.

May2010 097 May2010 098May2010 101

We also loved Hide and Snake by Keith Baker. What a fun book!

Other than sitting on Mommy & Daddy’s bed doing puzzles for over an hour one morning (no pictures…), that’s it for the week.

Things we didn’t do, but YOU could use for a snake theme. Click on the picture to link to the activity:

I also made a bottle-cap letter sheet to spell the word snake, but we never made it. I never even wrote the letters on a the bottle caps. (Sheer laziness!)

For the sake of saving time on a busy Monday, I’m not posting my printables for this week. If you really want them, leave me a comment & I’ll e-mail them or add them to this post when I get a chance.

Have a great week, and be sure to check out the other tot school posts by clicking on the “Tot School” button on the right side of the screen!


Jenny said...

I like your snake activities - I will keep them in mind when we get to "S." :)

Fiona said...

great snake activities! Looks like he enjoyed it!

Lil' Ms. P - Madonna said...

His mobile turned out so cute! I love all the colors. I need to invest in some dot paints...

Kat said...

I'm pretty sure that I've told you this before, but I love love LOVE that you always remember it is about the process, and not the product!!!

With that the snakes! ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great week! The farm sounds like it was a lot of fun!