Friday, May 28, 2010

Tot School – Umbrellas - 29 months

May2010 208We had a theme for the week, but we really didn’t stick with it. Mostly, we just had a week of random activities with a few umbrella books and a craft thrown in there! Oh well ~ it’s the learning and the experiences that count, right?

We read a few umbrella books together, and then we made an U-shaped umbrella craft with “gluey” raindrops inspired by two different blogs – MamaJenn and Homeschool Creations. (These links take you directly to their crafts.)May2010 250May2010 251

You have to look closely to see the glue-made raindrops scattered around the page. Alex though that part was really fun!

May2010 273

Alex giggled at the “whoosh, click!” in Ella, Of Course. Grace loved – and kept touching - the shiny umbrella in One Rainy Day. We had a few other umbrella books that were not loved by the kiddos, but these two books were a hit!

We found a fun toddler Cut & Paste book at Meijer. Mommy cut, and Alex tried out a bottle of glue for the first time. I was surprised at how careful and precise he was. The main thing he had to learn was that glue goes under the object you’re gluing. He kept putting the glue on top of the picture that he wanted to stick on the page, ruining the picture in the process.May2010 210

May2010 212

He did four pages in one sitting – and he would have done more if I’d had the patience! May2010 216Alex’s request – sorting by color. Never mind the serious expression on his face; he really just wanted to drive Mama crazy by putting the chips in the wrong colored cups and laughing like a madman.May2010 218 Waiting for his turn to use the tongs. Rather impatiently, I might add. May2010 228 pouring, splashing, and watering the empty pots of dirt on our patioMay2010 236Making banana muffins – all I did was make sure the ingredients were measured properly, crack the egg, and use the oven. These two poured, stirred, and scooped into the muffin tins. (Oh, and ate batter by the spoonful…) The muffins were actually pretty good, too!

May2010 247 May2010 248

Fisher Price coloring page – these are available on their website, or leave a comment & I’ll e-mail you a PDF file that has all of the ABC and 123 coloring pages. (It’s a free giveaway from a Fisher Price party that I hosted last year.)

May2010 266Alex explored what happens when you use a LOT of water while painting.

He insists that the letter U is a C. We’re struggling with this. I know why he says it; I just can’t help him understand the difference!
May2010 261 May2010 262

This umbrella shape-matching puzzle is from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Alex struggled with distinguishing between the diamond and the rectangle. Otherwise, it was very easy for him.

May2010 263 May2010 264 May2010 265

We never got to the U is for Umbrella page, the umbrella size-sequencing, or a few other activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler’s U week. I also had some raindrop finger plays from our Noah’s Ark week, but Alex just isn’t into those…you can find them at if you’re interested.

We hope you had a more organized week than did! :) Check out what other families of little ones did this week by visiting the Tot School website!

Have a great week!


Monica said...

Oh, for what you call an "unorganized week" at the end, I'd say it was a pretty great week! You did so many different, fun, educational activities. I'm kind of wishing I could drop off my kids at your house since I know they would have a great time and learn a lot...and I could take a nap. :) (Can you tell I am glad that it's the weekend?) Nice to "meet" you, thanks for stopping by my blog.

Giggly Girls said...

Great week! I had to LOL at him putting the chips in the wrong cup. My tot is famous for doing that with every activity.

Jen said...

Great week! You are one brave momma with the baking activity. I still just let my daughter dump and stir :)

Fiona said...

Looks like you did lots this week. I wish I was organised and imaginative enough to plan specific themes for the week as my kids would love it. Where do you get your ideas from for the themes

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a great variety of activities. I have a madman at my house too.

Anonymous said...

What a fun week! I think you did a great job for being "unorganized." That looks like a pretty organized week to me :-)