Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tot School – Race Cars – 28 Months

Alex was EXCITED about our theme when he found race car games on his shelves on Monday morning!  We really didn’t do a lot this week, but he definitely enjoyed the things we found time to do!

This was his favorite – putting the colored circle on the correct race car.  We did this multiple times throughout the week, and he often pulled it out on his own throughout the day.  (There’s a link to download this activity at the end of the post.)May2010 011

We used velcro dots to hold the circles in place.  I should take stock in the Velcro company.  If you ever want to make me very happy, I’m easy to please - just buy me some sticky velcro circles! ;) 

May2010 002This Alphabet Mystery game came from Home Grown Hearts printable activities.  We started doing it as suggested on the website, but it ended up hanging on our dishwasher as a “drive-by” activity.  (Leave it to Alex…) May2010 006 May2010 008 May2010 009  May2010 014May2010 019

Alex was SOOOO excited about this shape sorter that we found at a thrift store on Thursday.  (Okay, I’ll confess that I was more than a little excited by it, too…) He needed a little guidance to get the pieces in place, but he took it very seriously.  We got it for ONE DOLLAR!  It’s $18 on Amazon, so we got pretty lucky!

May2010 038May2010 039

Both of Alex’s grandparents gave him a race car card for Valentines Day, but Grandma & Grandpa S’s happened to have punch-out race cars.  We made these on Friday, and Alex had fun driving them all over the kitchen table.  (I’d planned to make a toilet paper tube race car, but decided against it after remembering we had this.)  May2010 041 May2010 042 May2010 046

This one isn’t what I had in mind, but it was number practice.  Kick the number dice, giggle, and shout the number loudly.  Repeat.  (Lose dice under TV console, use a flashlight to find it, repeat some more.)

May2010 013

May2010 012

Melissa & Doug transportation sound puzzle
(a gift from Grandma P last year) May2010 020 

Alex didn’t want to put magnets on this page.  He wanted to let his animal crackers take turns driving the race car instead.May2010 016”R” biscuits for dinner…    May2010 024

Quite conveniently for our race car week, this was the toy in Alex’s Happy Meal on Thursday…May2010 049

This tent survived nine years in my second grade classroom.  It was a little reading nook for our silent reading times.  My students LOVED it!  Alex & I put it together outside on Friday morning, but it started raining…so we brought it in and had lots of giggles together in the tent! May2010 047

The Wheels On The Race Car was checked out, but we enjoyed the other books from our local library.  The Berenstain Bears book is a rhyming story that really focuses on the COLORS of the cars.  Don’t rush over to Amazon…the library is one of the best Tot School resources out there!  Even our small town’s library gives us some great choices!

Here are the downloads, if you’d like, for the race car activities we did this week. (I don’t intend to make my own activities every week, as there are SO MANY great resources online, but it’s fun to do these in themes that Alex adores!) 


A few notes about the printables:

~ I don’t like the size of the circles on the magnet page; they should be much smaller, but I haven’t taken the time to fix it.  If you’d really like to use it, leave me a comment, and I’ll make time to correct it.

~ The race car flags & numbers are meant to be a file folder game to match the number on the race cars with the numbers on the flag.  We made it, but I have no photos of it because Alex dumped it on the floor before I grabbed the camera.

Click the link below to see what other tots are doing this week. If not for all of these great links, we wouldn't have as much creativity in our own Tot School, so I *really* appreciate Carisa hosting this each week! Thanks, Carisa! Tot School

I'd also like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who visited, e-mailed, commented after popping over from the Totally Tots website. Thanks, Jolanthe, for featuring my little blog and for the kind words about Our Little Monkeys! You made my day!


Nicole said...

Thank you for sharing the PDF Files. They are so so cute! I just started Tot school and appreciate your blog and all the great ideas you have!

Giggly Girls said...

What a cute theme!! I have yet to try my hand at printables but I'll sure enjoy yours. =o)

Lil' Ms. P - Madonna said...

Loving the race car theme! And congrats on the great thrift store find!

melaniet42 said...

Awesome theme! What a great score on that shape sorter!!

Cara said...

Awesome theme! Looks like a fun week!

Theresa said...

Great deal on the shape puzzle! :)
Love all of the race car activities, and your R shaped biscuits too!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weeke! I love all of the race car games you had :-)

Ali said...

Great week, love the race car theme! We will have to stop back by when we get to letter R week. Great find with the shape sorter, I LOVE when that happens!