Thursday, May 20, 2010

How To Eat Your Jello (and other messy-faced adventures…)

It’s been a struggle to get Alex to concentrate on his dinner lately.  Unless it’s a favorite, he’d rather chat or beg to get down and play.  We buckle him into his booster seat and put a reasonable amount of food on his plate, and we require him to sit nicely while we eat.  If he chooses to eat all (or most) of his food, we sometimes reward him with a small treat.

This is how you slurp up those last little bits of jello when you’re two:
May2010 113

May2010 114May2010 116     May2010 115

We’ve started sharing table food with Max, and he’s enjoying the chance to try all sorts of new things.  I think this was (and I know it’s not too healthy for a baby…) Manwich.  This is the first time I’ve purchased Manwich in my life, but I have 3 guys in the house who really enjoyed it, and one of them wore a lot of it before the meal was over!

May2010 112 May2010 111

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