Friday, May 14, 2010

No Horse at CVS

We’re getting ready to head out the door, but I wanted to get this written before I forget…

I just told Alex that we’re going to CVS as soon as the baby wakes up.  He said, “Yes, and I will wide the horsey!”

I told him that there’s no horse at CVS.  The horse is at Meijer. He looked at me for a minute, then he very seriously said, “Yes, that is pwobabwy twue.”

Just a little thing, but it’s those moments that make me smile!

(Quick question, too…I’m getting ready to print the blog as a family scrapbook.  I’m planning on going with simply because the software runs super-slow on our computer.  I’m not totally in love with it, and I feel like it doesn’t give enough options for making the book my own (like Shutterfly’s adorable books) but it’s the best one I can find.  Does anyone know of another choice for printing a blog as a book?)


Susie said...

I used blog2print for mine. It's more like a "year book" in appearance and style than a "scrapbook"...but it was very nice quality and I loved the pictures on the front and back covers. I haven't come across any other site yet but I haven't really looked either. Good luck! Love the "alexish" language!

Dawn said...

THANK YOU, Susie! It's good to know that you're happy with Blog2Print. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll go ahead & order from them, knowing that you're happy with it.

Maybe we can beg Shutterfly to add blog printing as an option - wouldn't it be soooo nice to have a pretty blog book like the adorable Shutterfly albums? :)

Lindsay said...

hehe that story cracked me up!!