Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday :)

It started with meeting Mom & Dad at the hospital, where they entertained the boys while I saw the cardiologist. (Well, actually, it started when I asked them to babysit on WEDNESDAY for a THURSDAY appointment. I have no brain.)

If you don’t know, I had heart problems while I was pregnant with Max. It happened almost exactly a year ago – on the Monday after Mother’s Day – and I’ve been on medication ever since. My prescription was running out, so I returned to the doctor to get the happy news – *NO MORE* medication for me! :)

Alex made me laugh afterwards by asking me, “How was your visit with Dr. Baker?” Uh, I didn’t see Dr. Baker. Who is Dr. Baker? After I thought about it, the cardiologist’s office is in the hospital. Curious George saw a doctor at the hospital – named Dr. Baker. To Alex, Curious George is reality! ;)

Afterwards, Mom & Dad suggested we check out a new thrift store started by the Christian school where I used to teach second grade. They opened the store to to cut the cost of tuition for families. What a NICE store! It’s much nicer than I imagined it to be…and they had some real bargains in there!

May2010 037

All that was about $13! Those are some good quality (Melissa and Doug & Plan Toys) puzzles for less than $2 each! I was a happy girl!

Lunch at McDonalds = Happy Alex! Max got to try his first french fry, compliments of Grandpa. The picture is on Grandpa’s camera, though...want to send it to me, Dad? (Don’t get used to it, Maxwell. Alex was MUCH older before he ate any of those greasy potatoes.)

After that, we made a visit to Dr. Brewer. Poor Max - I thought he was just having teething issues, but it turns out he’s got a nasty double ear infection. I wish I’d brought him in sooner. I don’t think he holds it against me, though, and he already seems to be feeling better after a few doses of antibiotics. He slept much better last night, and he’s been cheerful today.

May2010 034

Last stop was Meijer – where Grandpa & Alex checked out the toys and then rode Sandy the Horse, oh…about 73 times ;) Good thing it’s only a penny!

It wasn’t intended to be such a long day, but adding in Max’s doctor’s appointment really made the day busy. Still, it was really a good day! Thanks, Mom & Dad, for all your help. That’s the ONLY way such a long day was possible…and I enjoyed my time with you! :)

And, more happiness – we got a totally unexpected $30 check in the mail, which is the exact amount I paid for co-pays yesterday! To top it off, I paid $1.67 for Max’s prescription and received a $20 CVS gift card for bringing in a new prescription…which more than covers the thrift store purchase. Woohoo! *Ü*


Kat said...

Man I am tired just reading that! Ha! =)

Those are some awesome deals!!!! I love Melissa and Doug products!!!!

Wahoo for no more meds for you!!!!! =) And of course and awesome CVS deal!!!!

Anonymous said...

what a full day filled w/ good news and great finds. Isn't it amazing how fast they feel better after you get a few doses of antibiotics in them!