Monday, February 15, 2010

Tot School (25 months)

otI decided we’d try Tot School upstairs in our playroom this week at Alex’s little table. That didn’t go over so well, as he kept popping out of his chair to grab toys. So much for keeping the kitchen table clutter-free! :)

I printed a magnet page of F is for Fish from Confessions of A Homeschooler for Alex to do with pompoms. It took a GREAT deal of effort to get him to concentrate and follow through with this. Maybe it’s the distraction of being in the playroom? I plan to wait a while before trying again. (By the way, that’s an awesome website with lots of printable pages…check it out!)


F is for Firetruck from Making Learning Fun. Alex didn’t want to dot it. He wanted to use crayons to color in the circles.


more cotton balls & snowflake muffin tins. Today we used the ladle, and he pretended to drink out of it, too. “Shoup”, he told me. (That’d be soup…)


Shape & color puzzle. I told him which shape or color to put in, and he put that piece in place. The only shapes he consistently identifies correctly are heart, circle, and star.


Our first attempt at fingerpainting. Amazingly, there was NO MESS! When I squirted the red paint on the paper plate, Alex got all excited and said, “Oooh, dip!” He thought I was going to let him paint with ketchup. There was much “mama-assistance” here, but he had fun.


This idea came from Our Cup Of Tea. I did a Google Image search for the letter F, chose some interesting letter Fs, and copied and pasted them to a Word document. I printed it twice, stuck one copy in a sheet protector, and cut the other copy into squares. Alex loves matching these letters! I think we’ll do it again for G week because he was really proud of himself.


Two different activities:
1) putting straws into a parmesan cheese bottle. The straws are almost the same size as the circle openings in the shaker, so he had to concentrate.

2) coloring F is for Football (from Making Learning Fun) I found out that, although Alex does NOT like using chunky crayons or traditional crayons, he LOVES to use the Crayola Twistable crayons.


This ice cube tray was hanging in the juice aisle at Meijer. It’s just the right size for candy hearts, so we practiced putting one candy heart in each hole. The top right picture shows what happens when a 2 year old runs out of attention span: Alex got sick of it, picked up the bowl, and dumped the hole bowl on top of the ice cube tray.


That’s all for this week, folks. Nothing too cutesy for Valentines Day…oops! I’d hoped to make/decorate heart cookies, but it didn’t happen :(

To see what other tots are doing this week, check out Tot School at:

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Theresa said...

I ♥ your blog! Did you design it yourself? It's so cute! :)
Looks like you had a great week in Tot School, thank you so much for the links tot he activities, I am going to try out the letter matching one! :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun tot school week! I love the twist-able crayons as well :-)

Julie said...

I love your tot school ideas! Since our little ones are so close in age I will be back often to check for ideas!

Dawn said...

Theresa -
I did it myself, but (believe it or not...) you were my inspiration! :) I loved the font on your blog, and I ended up finding the instructions for font & blog design at KevinandAmanda. So THANKS for the idea! :)