Friday, February 12, 2010

making changes

I'm in the middle of making some changes around here. I've been working on it for a while, but haven't been ready to load it. Now it's loaded, but it still needs a little help. Sorry if it's not showing up correctly...there are only so many minutes in naptime! ;)

1) the header looks wrong - I *will* figure out the code for making a header transparent without having the ugly blogger box around it! (Hee hee! My sweet husband, who uses CSS code at work, removed the ugly gray border box for me. I might be willing to live with the white background around the header rather than figure out the code to put the header in myself!)
2) the monkey on the right is missing his tail
3) there are a few little spots where the background is showing through.

(Please let me know if you notice anything else that isn't showing up correctly!)


Susie said...

Dawn!! No one would ever even know the "missing pieces" if you had not mentioned them. I think your new look is Fabulous! Especially I am LOVING your font!! Want to share how you did that??? But you mentioned the monkey with no tail on the right...when I pulled up your blog there is only one monkey on the left (looking at the screen)...and there is no monkey at all on the right??? Hope you guys are staying warm! Can't wait to meet baby Max at Kyle's b-day party and to here all Alex's new words!

Dawn said...

Susie - Thanks :) I'll e-mail you the info on changing the font. It's not really *hard*, but it takes some time.

There should be one monkey hanging upside-down on the left, one with a banana in the header, and one standing on the right. How many monkeys do you see on your screen?

We look forward to seeing you, too! It's not often enough, so I enjoy catching up with your family through your blog!

Kat said...

Oh my goodness I love this!!!! Help me make ours cute and fun!!!!!

As for the monkey...there is only one, and he is on the left of the header standing up holding a banana

Dawn said...

Huh, I wonder if it depends on each computer's settings. I edited this post to include a screenprint of what I see on my screen. Wish I knew more about this stuff!

Dawn said...

Kat - I'll e-mail you the files, and if you don't have Photoshop, you're welcome to come over sometime. I'll glady watch all our kiddos while you work on it.