Wednesday, February 24, 2010

6 Months Old

We’re already halfway through Max’s first year?  Unbelievable!  It’s amazing how I look forward to each new stage with Max, yet at the same time, I’m sad to see him getting bigger.

February2010 282 

So…Max at 6 months…

15 lbs, 12 oz
17” head circumference
27.5 inches long

I’m just scattering recent pictures throughout the post…they don’t necessarily match with the text.
 February2010 290    

His second tooth poked through on February 18th, and his first tooth is easy to see now.  Both are bottom, front teeth.

He’s been eating cereal for 10 days, and he’s still a little unsure about it.  The first few bites go in pretty easily, although he makes a funny face.  After that, he blows raspberries to get the cereal out of his mouth.  I usually have to feed him the same bite 3 or 4 times.

He does not have a milk allergy like his big brother did at this age.  He does, however, have eczema – just like Alex.  Eczema is such a frustrating thing!  No matter how hard I’ve tried, I’ve never gotten Alex’s eczema under control.  Max appears to be the same way.  I really dislike using steroid cream on a regular basis, but that seems to be the only thing that works.
February2010 372February2010 393

Max can roll both ways, but he really doesn’t care to do it.  He’d rather just contentedly lay however you set him down.  He likes to sit up (with help), and he’s just starting to sit unassisted for very short bits of time.
February2010 380February2010 396

When I lay him down in his crib (on his tummy) for naps, he now pushes up on his arms & looks all around.  It takes him a few minutes to settle, but he still goes down for naps pretty easily most days.

At bedtime, he’s been nursing until he’s almost asleep.  I try to make sure Max is at least a little bit awake when I lay him down (on his back).  If he’s too awake, he will scream, and he just can’t settle.  It seems we have to find that “just right” drowsy state if he’s going to put himself to sleep.

His normal day is probably not much different from his 5 month update, although he’s often skipping his early evening catnap lately.  When he does take an evening catnap, it’s usually because he has fallen asleep in a funny place.February2010 165February2010 164

7/7:30 – up for the morning
9/9:30 – morning nap for about an hour
12:30/1 – afternoon nap for 2 – 3 hours
5:30 – sometimes taking a catnap, but not very often
8/8:30 – bedtime
(usually 1 nighttime feeding around 4 AM)

He nurses 5 times during the day and once or twice during the night.  Usually his bedtime nursing is not a full feeding, though.  He eats heartily at 6:30 or 7, and then he just has a nursing “snack” at bedtime.  (Sigh.)

He would sometimes like to nurse twice in the night, but I try not to feed him before 2:30 AM because I know he’s perfectly capable of sleeping  He will sometimes fuss (or even cry) around 1:30 AM, but most of the time he’s able to go back to sleep without help.  Then he sleeps until 4 AM, nurses, and goes back to sleep until morning.  (If he’s really upset, I will give in & nurse him at 1:30 – for his sake & for ours!)

He still smiles easily at just about everyone.  Getting him to giggle has taken me a little more effort lately.  He’s more likely to giggle at Maggie (the dog) or Alex than to giggle at his mama.

February2010 011February2010 384

Max just adores Maggie.  He smiles at her, loves to touch her fur, and watches her.  Maggies loves to kiss on Max’s face…maybe I should wash his face more often?

He loves when I clap my hands and smile.  He relaxes in my arms when I sing to him.  He loves to hold books or toys…or whatever strange object his brother gives him…like a plastic shovel.
February2010 243

For the most part, Max goes willingly to just about anyone.  If he’s hungry or tired, forget it – usually Mama is the only one he wants.  But if he’s had a good nap & has a full tummy, he’s pretty content with anyone.

As with most babies, Max makes church a little tricky.  Bible study on Tuesday morning is at his usual naptime, so many times, he fusses.  I have lots of extra mamas & grandmas to help with him on Tuesdays, though! :)

Church?  Well, I haven’t heard a full sermon since he was born!  Sometimes he’s tired & fussy; other times, he’s awake and “talking” so loudly that I feel the need to take him out of church.  Usually if I leave him in the nursery, he gets returned to me within 20 minutes, so I haven’t left him for a few weeks.  (I still haven’t quite figured this out – it seems that most of our nursery workers are afraid to let a baby cry.  If he’s inconsolable, okay – please get me!  If he’s just crying – well, that’s what babies do sometimes.)February2010 075

Max loves to play with his feet lately.  He will NOT keep socks or shoes on, so I don’t even bother if we’re staying home.  When we go out, I’ll put socks on him (or shoes for church), but usually they end up in the bottom of the carseat.  Bare feet are just too fun! :)

February2010 226

I’m managing to cloth diaper both boys about 75% of the time.  Wish I was doing better than that, but hey, at least I’m doing what I can.  It’s a lot of work keeping up the diaper laundry!

February2010 166

He still has those big eyes that just “get” me every time I look at him.  It’s hard to get that precious look in a picture.  This is the best I can get, but it’s not the look that melts my heart.

February2010 223

Max really is a happy kid.  To quote my niece, Jessica, “He’s the happiest baby – except when he cries.”  (Wow, Jess – that’s deep!  Ha ha!)

 February2010 228February2010 049February2010 161         

We love you, Little Bug!  Mama & Daddy are so thrilled to watch you growing and changing.  You are a blessing from the Lord, and we’re so thankful that you are part of our family!


Allison said...

You are right. Church is hard with a little one. I'm already trying to figure out which service will go best around anticipated naps. We have 5 services, so hopefully one of them will work for us. Does your church have a crying room/nursing room? We have a "Mother's Lounge" for nursing moms. It's wonderful, because I can go in there to nurse (that's what I did with the girls and will when Malachi is born next month too) and watch the service on a big screen tv. It's a gift.

Kat said...

I too love those big eyes!

He is SUCH a happy baby! We too have the schedule issue with church...that is our cereal and then nap time,so I completely understand!

I have recently started taking Skylar to the nursery...and since she and Max love to stare at each other maybe she can keep him from crying! =)