Friday, February 5, 2010

Picture Post

Jan/Feb 2010 Random Photos

Alex reading Curious George books: He got a boxed set for his birthday from Grandma & Grandpa S, and we’re reading a LOT of George around here.

January2010 489

We’re still watching George every day, too: one morning episode while I snuggle with Alex on the couch & one “Mama’s Making Dinner” episode at night. I try to turn Max away from the TV, but they were SOOO cute that I didn’t have the heart to move Max.

January2010 181

This is what happens when Alex wants to take a picture of Mama. At least I’m in the photo.

January2010 295

For those who don’t understand how I get things done - The answer is: I don’t. I feel like I should be honest for my kids, who will someday read this printed blog, and just because I don’t want anyone thinking I’m attempting to be Supermom. I am most certainly not…as the picture prove:

The baby’s bassinet is where I dump the laundry basket of clean clothes, presumably until I fold them. Usually, though, it's until I grab clean baby clothes from the pile in the bassinet. The kitchen counter almost always has a pile. There are almost always dishes in the sink. The living room might have carpeting. We’re no longer sure. I do clean, but my kiddos come first!

January2010 308 January2010 309 January2010 310 February2010 023

We spent an evening with Nana a few weeks ago. What fun!

January2010 314 January2010 315 January2010 316

Young love? Alex with his friend Sabrina…

January2010 327 January2010 328

Skooby & Max…I was surprised by how long he held the baby!

January2010 330

Tigger is a farmer these days.

January2010 389 January2010 394

I’m a bad mom these days.

The picture doesn’t really show it very well, but Alex learned a good lesson…and so did I. Alex & I made jello together one afternoon. The stove had been off for about 5 minutes, and I went to the office to look up a phone number. Bad choice…Alex pushed a chair to the stove & set his hand on the still-hot burner. I walked in as he was doing it, but too late to prevent it. The burn has healed nicely, but Alex has learned some new words: burn and stove. He calls the peeling skin a “hangnail”.

January2010 417 January2010 419

Always the goofy one. Think he gets that from his daddy?

January2010 438

Max loves the tub!
He does NOT like the getting out part…too cold!

Alex loves to gently splash Max with water, but we sometimes have to scold him for getting Max’s face wet. He tries to share the tub toys with baby, but it’s tough! He usually wants them right back.

January2010 475 January2010 476

Daddy & Alex playing Wii Fit. Alex uses a plastic lid as his balance board, although we usually end up getting kicked off of the real balance board after a while.

January2010 481

Max found his feet recently. He loves to play with them, take off his socks, and use them to kick the toys in his bouncer.

February2010 075 February2010 074February2010 073

Hangin’ out on Mama & Daddy’s big bed…

February2010 010 February2010 011

How to use up extra energy while stuck indoors…

February2010 026 February2010 070 February2010 072

And now that I’ve loaded a whole picture post with Windows Live Writer, let me tell you – this was FAR easier to use with a whole bunch of pictures than just using plain old Blogger. It loads pictures quickly, you can move them easily, and it was very simple to learn the new software. I found out about it from A Mommy Talks, who wrote:

“I created this blog post in Windows Live Writer (Free Software), which I learned about from Mom Tried It. Talk about simplifying my life.”

The Mom Tried It website has a great explanation of the software. I’m sure there’s a lot to learn as far as really utilizing this software, but for now, I’m just glad to have found a simpler way to blog picture-heavy posts! :)


Kat said...

First of all I will have to try this Windows Live Writer stuff...

Secondly I LOVE your everyday pictures! It's really encouraging to know that my friends' homes aren't "picture perfect" 100% of the time!

There are many baby moments I enjoy, but I really love when they find their feet! Skylar giggles with excitement when you take off her feetie pj's because she can finally get to her feet! =)

Susie said...

OH MY GOODNESS DAWN!!! You can't believe how truley excited I am about the Windows Live Writer!! I don't have time to download it now...but it definitely is a Godsend if it works the way it says it will! I have despised the new blogger posting. So now I'm getting excited about having a different option! I've got to finish my quickbooks stuff and then I'm going to give it a try!

Your boys get cuter with every post! My house looks way worse..I'm convinced it will not be cleaned unless they all stay out of the house for a week, and even then i'm not sure! LOL! But I'm OK with that. Pretty sad I'm telling the girls they have to help clean and they say...."We're not having company are we??" LOL

Julie K said...

Just stopping by to see what's going on. You're a great mom and your boys are so blessed to have you in their lives. Thanks for the tip about live writer.