Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Keith has had some stressful work days lately, lots of stuff to fill his evening/weekend hours, and not much time with the kids.  We were ready for a much-needed family day!

When Alex was teeny-tiny, only about 2 months old, we took him to the Chicago Auto Show.  Needless to say, he didn’t get much out of the experience.  See?

(Here’s my sweet Alex two years ago…)
Alex February 2008 086

Now, at almost 26 months old, we went again. What a difference!  We told him we were going to the Chicago Auto Show.  He can clearly say “auto show”, but for some reason he decided it was in “Shuga-Cago” rather than in Chicago.  (Shuga = sugar)

 February2010 296

He had SOOOOO much fun!  After 3 hours of looking at cars, Alex wasn’t ready to go.  He never stopped looking, touching, “dwiving”, or showing excitement over all the cars and trucks.

Looking at this picture, I can imagine that in a few years, I will not be an important part of these trips! ;)  I’m so glad that Daddy & Alex could share this experience together.  It made Keith a pretty happy dad, too!

  February2010 297

February2010 301 

Max didn’t really care about the cars, but he loved all the bright lights, TV screens, etc.  He spotted a light display that travelled up and down a 5-foot tall post.  He watched it for a long time!

February2010 303 February2010 304

Alex thought it was pretty neat to “puhp gas”.

February2010 306 February2010 307

Max “eating” my chip bag at lunch.

February2010 311 

Sound asleep – in the middle of all that noise!

 February2010 320 February2010 317

February2010 323

waving to the people down below

 February2010 327

Daddy got this picture…love it!

February2010 328 

Alex wearing his freebie Chicago Fire Dept hat – he got a lot of smiles while wearing this

February2010 334

Mama tried out a few vehicles, too…and came to the conclusion that I’m completely content to be driving what we already own. I love our car, but I’ve wondered if a mini-van would have given us a little extra interior space.  Nope – what we have is very comparable.

February2010 335

He might have missed naptime, but Alex conked out on the way home – all snuggled up with baby brother’s blanket – which Alex thinks is a pretty special treat.

February2010 336

This was NOT a cheap day by the time we paid for 2 adult tickets, parking, lunch, gas, and tolls.  It was well-worth the trip, though, to see the joy on Alex’s face…and to see Daddy & Alex making memories together!

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Kat said...

Every family needs a "splurge day" now and then...and by the looks of these pictures it was worth every penny! =)