Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Funny Things He Says

I’ve been waiting for the day when Alex really discovered his voice, and I think it’s here. He still doesn’t have grammatically correct sentences, but he strings words together well enough to make his point known.

His way of stringing words together is funny, though. Quite often, it’s as if Alex is speaking with a period between each word. Like this: “Play. Dump. Shruk. Fun! Mama! Play too!”

I wanted to take a few minutes to record a few of the funny things our boy says. February2010 269

While out for dinner with the extended family, Alex tried pickled beets. I expected him to spit it out. Nope. He went back for more…and more…and MORE. When he couldn’t reach them, he pointed to the bowl and said, “More pickle chips!”

February2010 162While I was baking, Max grabbed the canister of sugar and sent it tumbling to the floor. Alex helped me clean the mess, scooping it into a measuring cup & putting it in the garbage can. He licked the edge of the cup more than once, saying, “Mmmm, shuga!” A few days later, he said to me, “Mama – baby drop shuga again? Mmmm, shuga good!”

LUNCH”February2010 181
Each morning, I ask the same question - “Alex, what do you want for breakfast?”

Lately, the answer has been “Sheer-ul” (cereal) every day. Well, he must have been tired of it!

Mama: What do you want for breakfast today, Alex?

Alex: Lunch!

For a while now, he has referred to himself as “You”. I’ve worked to teach him his name, but he would only say “Al-Cole” (Alexander Cole). In the past few weeks, he would also say “Zander”. Now, just this week, he has started calling himself “Ahh-lix” He can say his last name, too, and it’s adorable to hear him say it! (For the record, he also refers to Grandma & Grandpa S by their last name now.)February2010 211

Speaking of names, he also knows Mama & Daddy’s first names. It’s so funny to hear our names coming out of Alex’s mouth, and we’ve had to explain to him that HE calls us Mama & Daddy.

I was questioning Alex the other day, asking him where people work.

Mama: Where does Grandma work?
Alex: Bank.
Mama: Where does Daddy work?
Alex: (names Keith’s place of employment)
Mama: Where does Mama work?
Alex: Bath. Room!

Oh, Alex, we just love the silly things you say! Thank you for the way you make us smile as you are growing and learning each day!

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