Thursday, February 11, 2010


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Phonesavanh & I have been friends since kindergarten. Our church supported her family in moving to the US from Laos, and she’s been in my life ever since.

Jen joined the picture in high school, when she & Phonesavanh were working together. We all ended up attending the same college, and Phones & I were roommates for a couple of years. Ah, I have some fun (and funNY) memories from those years at ONU!

Fast forward a few years (did I really graduate from college 12 years ago?!) and we’re still friends. Friends who don’t see each other nearly enough.

Every once in a while, Jen reminds us that we really need to spend some time together. We’ll set aside a Saturday, meet in the middle at Phones’ house, and have a great time chatting while the kids play. The great thing about getting together with old friends is that, while you may not see each other often, it’s pretty easy to pick up the conversations right where you left off! :)

Here is Phonesavanh’s just-turned-5 year old daughter, Bella, holding Max.

February2010 089 February2010 090

Alex had a GREAT time playing in 3 year old Gabe’s bedroom – all sorts of trucks he’d never seen before :)

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Since we were the only adults around, I asked Phonesavanh if Bella could use the camera to take a picture of us. She laughed and said, “Not if you want heads in the picture!” Well…the picture at the top of this post was attempt #2, with a little help setting up the picture. Here’s attempt #1. Turns out that Bella’s mama knew what she was talking about.

February2010 095

And girls, you’d better be specific next time…you told me not to post the pics of us on facebook. You never mentioned the blog ;)

I had such a fun day, girls. Let’s do it again…soon!

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Kat said...

Good friend are hard to come by...glad to see you have some great ones! ;)