Thursday, February 7, 2008

Whatever works...

So, I think I've mentioned that Alex thinks he should be held during naptime. He sleeps GREAT in his crib at night, usually from about 11 PM - 4 AM. I'm kind of liking that 5 hour stretch! :) In the daytime, though, he REFUSES to have anything to do with his crib. He just screams!

I've just started getting him to nap in his bouncy seat or swing, but even those weren't working today. I walked and rocked that fussy boy all morning. Finally, out of desperation, I set a screaming Alex down on the office floor while I looked through the file cabinet for some insurance papers.

THAT is where my son chose to take his nap today. "The Rules" say you can't let babies sleep on their tummies, so I didn't dare leave him alone. I paid bills, made a phone call about an insurance issue, and anything else I could do in the office. But that nap was GREAT! I accomplished stuff! :) (It's just too bad Mommy couldn't nap while he napped...oh well!)


Sara said...

I don't blame you, whatever it takes for them to get a good nap! What a cutie pie!

Allison said...

Natalie would only nap in my arms too. I think it's because I didn't swaddle her. I always swaddles Eboni, and she would nap for me.