Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl (with pics added...)

church (which I really enjoyed today)


naps for all (yes, the dog, the baby, & I really slept that way...well, I dozed...)

volleyball practice for Keith

laundry for Alex & Mommy, organizing Alex's closet

Superbowl party at church (with our friend Karen's girls, Keelie & Sabrina)

The kids (Seth, Gracie, Keelie) cheering; Sabrina copying the big kids
By the way, in case you wondered, Maggie's claw is not going to heal on its own. She keeps chewing off the bandage, and she's bleeding and hobbling on 3 paws. That means I get to learn how to haul a dog & a baby to the vet on Monday. Wish me luck!

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