Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nana's House...and a day with Grandma

(This picture is worth clicking on if you want to see a GREAT BIG Alex smile!)

Alex got spoiled today...spoiled with attention AND with gifts. What a lucky, LOVED little boy!

Grandma Purdy & Mommy took him to the bank to meet Grandma's co-workers. Alex pretty much slept through that part of his adventure.

After that, we headed up to Merrillville to shop for a Pack n' Play for Grandma's house. Grandma couldn't resist buying a cute little outfit for Alex. It won't fit until summer, but it's definitely going to be Mommy's favorite summer outfit for Alex. THANKS, Grandma! Grandma picked up a pair of cute OshKosh blue sweatpants to go with a shirt that Alex has at home, too. Mommy also got Alex a pair of teeny little denim jeans! So cute!

Next, we met Nana & Melissa at TGI Friday's for lunch. Yum! We headed back to Nana's house to give her some quality time with Alexander. Nana got her first Alex smiles! :)

Nana wanted to get Alex a special toy for his crib, and she knew just what she wanted. She stayed home, but Grandma & I headed to Burlington to look at more Pack n' Plays and to pick up the gift from Grandma. It's a little rainforest lights & music toy for the crib. It's just adorable! Thank you, Nana! I'll have to take a picture of it on the crib tomorrow...

After a few more stops to look at Pack n' Plays, we headed for home. Wow, are we tired! :) Thanks for a great day, Grandma & Nana.

(By the way, Grandma, Keith says if you're spoiling us, he wants a flat panel TV. I told him he wasn't cute & cuddly enough to get a present like that from Grandma, so he said Alex wants the TV... Ha ha!)

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Sara said...

Look how big he's getting! I love those first smiles, they are the sweetest!