Friday, February 29, 2008

The Shrinking Bear Chair

We take a bear chair picture every week. (That way, we can watch the chair shrink...becuase I *know* my boy isn't getting big!) Here is Alex's 9 week photo. I'll make a new slide show in a few weeks, but I can't resist sharing this week's picture. Yes, that is a real Alex grin. It melts my heart!

Also, Alex went backwards on the bottle thing. He's been refusing all bottles, screaming like the bottle is the nastiest thing ever. He'd rather go hungry. I bought a different bottle that was recommended, and Alex took a bottle for Deb yesterday. We'll see if Daddy can get him to take one tonight. It's not that we need the bottles now, but it would be nice if we could go on a date at some point...I know a few Grandmas who would love to babysit! ;)
(By the way, we had lunch with Deb & Donna at the mall. It's nice seeing my sisters every week!)

I got my driver's license renewed yesterday, so I'm no longer an illegal driver. Someone from church just happened to be in there, so I had a "babysitter" while I took the vision test & got my photo taken. That was the easy errand of the day.

Then we went to the Government Center in Crown Point. If you've been there, you know that the parking lot isn't exactly close to the entrance. You also know that there are a number of steps to climb. I knew all this. What I didn't know is that cameras aren't allowed in the building...and I happened to have mine in the diaper bag.

After trekking through the parking lot, up the steps, and into the building holding that darn heavy carseat, the security guard made me go BACK down the steps, out to the parking lot, and return my camera to the car. THEN I turned around, headed across the parking lot AGAIN, up the steps AGAIN, and to the security guard AGAIN.

It took a whopping 5 minutes to get upstairs, get the birth certificate, and get out. I sure got my exercise for what should have been a simple errand! ;)

I don't say this to complain...just to ask one question. Why are cameras not allowed if it's okay to bring your cell phone, which most likely has a built-in camera? What's the difference?

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