Friday, February 15, 2008

the rest of the week

matching haircuts & shirts for the cousins...

Daddy came home on Friday night, and we're so glad!

Thursday was haircut day, and then lunch with Aunt Donna & Aunt Deb. (Grandma had to work at a luncheon at church.) We had a nice day!

Poor Joshua didn't have such a great day, though. My nephew broke his ankle yesterday afternoon & got his cast on Thursday. I'd accuse him of trying to miss a few days of school, but I know that he ended up missing out on a family weekend of fun. Poor kid!

We hung out with Grandma and Grandpa until Keith came home on Thursday night. What a fun time we had this week!

Friday we had a busy day. We went to McDonald's with Bonnie & baby Sam for 2.5 hours! (Guess who's camera stayed at home?) Grandma P came to visit. We went to Daddy's v-ball game.

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