Friday, February 8, 2008

No pics today

Sorry - no camera! I'm disappointed.

My neighbor April came over with her little guy Preston. He's 9 months old. I wanted pictures of Preston & Alex. I forgot. I forgot the last time Preston was here, too.

This afternoon Grandma P & I went up north to buy Kyle's birthday present and run a few errands. We met Aunt Deb for lunch at Chili's. (Odd family mix, I know, but Deb had something to give me, so we had to meet anyway...) No camera.

Tonight was Keith's volleyball game. No camera.

Hopefully I'll remember to bring the camera to Kyle's birthday party tomorrow!

By the way, Kyle, I saw your birthday cake. You'll like it! You'll especially like the big Bears helmet that Grandma stuck in the middle of the cake. Ha ha! ;)

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