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Little Hearts For His Glory, Unit 8

I haven’t posted a school post since October 17th!  Yikes!  Other than our vacation, we HAVE been doing school, I promise! I have two units worth of LHFHG (about 2.5 weeks) to catch up on.  We’re now working on Unit 10, and I still have to blog Units 8 and 9!  Yikes!  One today, hopefully the other one tomorrow…

This year, we are using Heart of Dakota’s Little Hearts For His Glory curriculum.
It is adaptable for children ages 5 – 7.  To read more about our choice,

Alex is 5 years, 10 months.
He will turn 6 in December 2013.

Alex is learning right now that history is HIS story – the story of God’s world!

Goliath should have been here, but I accidentally tacked that on to my Unit 7 post
(See what happens when I get behind? I can’t remember what you did, or when I did it!  Ha!)

We read about David and Saul, and about how God doesn’t look at our appearance.  See the artistic expression section (scroll down) for our photos.

We also read about Solomon building the temple.  Alex drew a temple, but it into pieces like a puzzle, and ‘built’ the temple by reassembling his puzzle.  We then shined a flashlight on it to show that God’s presence filled the temple.

IMG_1264  IMG_1265


Psalm 56:3 tied in with our Bible verses this week, relating how we can trust in God when we’re afraid to the way that the men in our Bible stories put their trust in God.

We are finishing All About Reading Level 1 – and moving on to level 2 – this year.

We’re right at the end of AAR 1. 
There are a few games to practice new letter sounds (c says /s/ and /k/, for example).
Isn’t it fun using jelly beans in a reading lesson?

IMG_1271    IMG_1272

(Please keep in mind that I have the older version of LHFHG, and if you purchase a new guide, your math will follow a different sequence than what we are doing.  I created my own spreadsheet to match the math activities in the older version of LHFHG to the lessons in Singapore Essentials.  It’s not perfect, but it will work for us!)

We worked on size – large, medium, small – and on putting items in order by size.  This is not a new skill to Alex, as we worked on this a LOT with my preschool packs when he was younger.  So this week’s math was easy-peasy for Alex!

IMG_1266 IMG_1267

IMG_1268 IMG_1269

IMG_1270  IMG_1257

We played a game called “What’s In The Bag?”
Alex had to ask me ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions to figure out the shape, texture, size, use, color, and where it might be found.  Then he had to make a guess on what Mama had placed in the bag.


He got it – chapstick!


Honestly, science is very weakly covered in a traditional sense.  If you’re looking for a STRONG early childhood science program, LHFHG is not it.  This is intentional, and it is meant more for slowly building a science base for future years. 

Personally, I do wish for a bit more science since  Alex really enjoyed the science/nature themes in MFW K last year.  He gained a lot of science knowledge last year, and he still recalls some neat science and nature facts!

Alex has currently has two science classes at his Monday co-op, though, so I don’t worry too much about not adding any more to our days.  (He currently has a zoo animals class, and he has another general science class where we’ve covered things like five senses, sink/float, insects, and seasons.

We also have Elemental Science’s “Exploring Science”, which is a neat hands-on style science for preschool/kindergarten.  I may try to do that during the summer just for a little fun with the kids, but we’ll see.  Maybe I won’t feel like doing anything structure during the summer!  If not, maybe I’ll save it to teach a class at our co-op next year.

We are using Happy Handwriting and Rod & Staff ABC series.


IMG_0971 IMG_1256

I don’t have any pictures from Do It Carefully, but this is still one of Alex’s favorite things each day.  I’m pretty sure he would sit and do the entire workbook if I let him! 

We’re reading “The Adventures of Peter Rabbit” now, and today’s activity was a writing/drawing assignment. 

“Alex would wigol (wiggle) Reddy Fox to see if he is alive.”

God doesn’t look at our appearance; he’s much more interested in our HEARTS!

We made self-portraits, and we made a list of qualities about Alex that you can’t see by looking at him.  (Max made a self portrait, too.)  Boys, I love your artwork at ages 5 and 4, but someday you’re going to look back at this and laugh!  Smile


Max – following Mommy’s instructions for what to draw next…


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