Monday, November 4, 2013

Disney World, Part 3

Our third day, Tuesday, was spent at Animal Kingdom. 

We started our day by heading straight back to the Kilimajaro Safari.  We used Fast Pass + to make sure we got a safari at the beginning of the day before it got too hot; we wanted to see the animals in action.  We sure did see some fun action.  Now, we’re not great photographers by any means, so none of these pictures is outstanding, but the animals put on a good show for us.

Alex’s favorite animal – the giraffe!  See the sweet giraffe baby?

IMG_1157DSCN0309A little ways down the road, our safari came to a stop for a few minutes while we waited for this giraffe to step off the road.


One more giraffe pic, since Alex just loves them:


fighting rhinos – we didn’t get the real action shot,
but these guys were NOT happy with each other for a minute!

This elephant paused and just stared at our safari as we passed.


Here’s one putting his trunk to good use:

This “king of the mountain” seemed to be posing for the camera, too.


A few more safari pictures:



When our safari ended, we stopped to grab our stroller.  An employee told us to take a look at this red stroller (which is not ours).  She pointed out the squirrel on the handle, and then told us that this squirrel had just polished off the family’s entire lunch!  He’d grabbed a full, sealed, family size container of yogurt…pulled off the lid, broke through the foil seal, and licked up every last bit of that yogurt!  Then he started in on the other foods.  The employee kept shooing him away, but he’d return just as soon as she looked away.  When we arrived, he was grabbing the last item – a bag of nuts – and carrying it off into the trees!

After this, we walked through the Pangani Forest walking trail.  Here are a few highlights:


Alex enjoyed using the bird watching chart to match the birds he spotted in the trees. 
(No, he did NOT circle it…the graffiti was already there when we picked up the chart.)


all 3 kiddos checking out the fish…


I wanted to compare Alex’s almost 6 year old hand with a gorilla’s 6 year old hands and feet.
The picture on the left show’s Alex hand and Max’s hand; the picture on the right shows Jensyn’s hand.

Jensyn and I watched from the bridge while Daddy & the boys rode the Kali River Rapids.


Max was tall enough to ride, but short enough that he got his own special safety belt.



Finding Nemo, The Musical


the birds that joined us for lunch…


meeting Pooh Bear and Tigger

(Again, Max wasn’t really interested in meeting the characters.  Alex had told him that the characters weren’t real; they were just people in costumes.  This didn’t stop ALEX from loving the character meetings, but I think it ruined some of the fun for Max.)

Hello, washed-out picture with Tigger! :/


staking out a shady spot for the afternoon parade…we found a great place right by the drums…nice shade, good view, and a perfect place to play while we waited for the parade to begin!


I probably shouldn’t mention how many times we had to tell Max to stop CLIMBING the drums… Winking smile


Somewhere in this day, Keith and I took turns riding Expedition Everest.  The last time that Keith and I were at Disney World, this ride was under construction.  It was fun to actually go ON it this time, rather than just watching as it was built. 

We also rode the train (made the circle just for fun) and the kids played in the Bone Yard playground.  That is QUITE the play place – it’s nearly impossible to keep track of kids in there!  We allowed the boys to play freely while Keith guarded the exit, but I had to chase Jensyn all through that maze of slides, staircases, bridges…whew, did I get a workout!

Here’s what we found upon returning to our room – Batman riding Max’s Pillow Pet, Dorothy sitting with Alex’s puppy, and a stingray towel creation!


We went swimming that night at our resort.  We won’t talk about what Jensyn did in the pool…
but she shut down the pool.  Ugh. 
We sincerely apologize to anyone whose fun evening at the pool was ruined Winking smile

This Little Miss is getting very brave about swimming independently!


The boys participated in a poolside Mario Kart tournament…
if you know our boys, NOTHING would thrill them more! Smile



Jensyn was too cold to sleep comfortably in the pack n play, and we had only brought two thin flannel blankets.  This arrangement is how our kids slept for most of the week.  Absolutely darling and melt-mama’s-heart sweet, until Jensyn started shoving Max off the bed in her sleep…resulting in our two chairs being moved from the table to Max’s side of the bed…because sleeping on chairs is a lot nicer than crashing to the floor at 2 am Winking smile


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