Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Disney World, Part 4

On Wednesday, we returned to Magic Kingdom for a second day of fun.  We redid a few favorites, and we explored parts of the park that we hadn’t seen on Sunday.

The boys rode Splash  Mountain with Daddy on Sunday, so this time was Mommy’s turn.  I’d forgotten how neat that ride is – it’s not just up & down a mountain for the sake of getting splashed; it’s a fully-entertaining story!

The man behind us was really fun.  He heard Daddy calling our names before we did, and he said, “Hey guys, your daddy is calling.  Let’s all wave to Daddy!”  He had us giggling Smile

Somehow, when Keith and the boys got off this ride on Sunday, they were mostly dry.  I took the boys on, and I came of with dripping hair and soaking wet pants.  Go figure.


We also rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad again, switching up the parent/child matchups while we took turns staying with Jensyn.

We rode Pirates on Sunday, but all three kids wanted to ride it again.  Jensyn liked the doggies and the ‘pretty ladies’.  The boys just liked the whole ride.  Keith took a lot of pictures this time…


Jensyn’s pretty ladies…


the doggy with the jail cell keys…


We rode The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh.  Nine years ago, when Keith and I last visited, I received the ‘wait time’ card to carry through the line.  Ironically, I again received the ‘wait time’ card when we got in line.  Just a fun little coincidence Smile


Jensyn wasn’t sure yet what she’d want for her souvenir.  She thought maybe she’d take one of everything! Winking smile  (She ended up choosing nothing, and she didn’t pick a souvenir until the end of our trip.)

And look – that’s MAX in the background…we really DID bring him on our trip!


Alex wanted to post, too.



Tomorrowland Speedway
(Picture on the left is Max & Daddy in front of us)

In the early afternoon, Keith & Jensyn headed back to the hotel so Jensyn could get a nap.  The boys and I stayed to meet Woody & Jessie and to have a little more fun.
Of course, Max refused to be in the pictures…


Here’s Flat Sammy (our friend’s paper ‘self’) seeing Cinderella’s Castle…


The boys and I visited a candy shop and used some snack credits to purchase some big lollipops to bring home with us.  We’re saving them for a dull, gray day when we’re really missing Disney World!

Here’s a picture of Flat Sammy trying a Disney Lollipop on the bus ride back to our hotel!
(There’s also a pic of the boys with their Mickey Mouse stickers.)

Did I mention yet that we’d forgotten Jensyn’s pink Pillow Pet (affectionally called “Piwwow”) in the car at the airport in Chicago?  BIG mistake, as that’s her favorite comfort object, but it turned out okay.  (My sweet dad offered to drive to the airport, break into our car, get the pillow, and overnight it to Florida.  We decided to try without it, but we thought that was a pretty amazing offer!  Thanks, Dad!)

When the boys and I arrived back at the hotel, Jensyn was napping with Max’s pillow pet (just like hers, but blue) and a cute little towel animal from the Mousekeeper, who made it just for her Smile  Jensyn LOVED this little guy!  For the rest of the week, she carried a towel everywhere she went…even in the parks…just like she’d carry “piwwow” at home!


We returned to Magic Kingdom for dinner, another ride on “It’s A Small World”, and grabbing a spot for the Electric Parade and Fireworks show.  Jensyn sure did love Small World, and we wanted her to be able to enjoy it a second time!

I’d found glowing bracelets and magic wands in the One Spot at Target a few weeks before our trip, and I put them away for this night.  The kids were THRILLED to glow!  We also shared a few extra glow bracelets with the kids around us.



We staked out our parade spot (along Main Street, somewhere around halfway between Casey’s and the circle) about an hour before the parade began.  We wanted a spot that would be good for the parade, and we found one!  We were not prepared for the number of people who try to shove their way into your space when they realize you can’t just stop on the sidewalk to watch the show.  It was CRAZY trying to hang on to the spots we’d saved!

Between the parade and fireworks, I ran the boys down to the bathroom behind Casey’s while Keith and Jensyn saved our spot.  Little did I know that, while we were in the restroom, the sidewalks switched to ‘one way’.  We had a TERRIBLE time getting back to Keith & Jensyn.  The cast members wouldn’t allow us to go the wrong direction down the sidewalk – and that’s okay since they are just keeping order/following the rules – but the street was too packed with people for me to guide two little boys through the crowd.  I was actually a little nervous/afraid after a bit  - which isn’t like me, but Keith didn’t have his cell phone and I had no idea how we’d find each other in the crazy crowds!  We ended up making our way back to the sidewalk, ignoring the cast members (and actually speaking rudely to one – I apologize, ma’am, I just wanted to find my husband!) , and just walking against the flow of traffic to get back to our spot.

Moral of the story: do NOT, under any circumstances, leave your spot at any time during the nighttime shows at Magic Kingdom Winking smile

Parade pics…


Walking out was no fun…I knew we wouldn’t be returning to Magic Kingdom on this trip, and this place truly is magical when you have little ones!  Their “See Ya Real Soon” pumpkins were so pretty, all lit up at night.  We were moving with a crowd, so I didn’t take time to get a better photo.


This was a LATE night for our kiddos!  We headed straight back to the hotel, threw on jammies and quickly brushed teeth, said quick prayer with the kids, and went right to bed!

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