Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Heart FELT Truths Advent Calendar

When Whitney of Heart FELT Truths contacted me about doing a few guest posts at Our Little Monkeys this fall/winter, I was truly blessed!  Her request brought my attention to her beautiful Advent Calendars, which will be really helpful in our family’s goal to keep Christ as the center of Christmas!

After her first guest post in September, we purchased this beautiful Advent Calendar from Whitney’s Etsy shop.  Although she had many options, I was drawn to the peaceful, light blue shade of this particular set.  (Disclaimer: I did receive $20 from Whitney, which I used toward the purchse of our calendar.)


The kids crowded around me when the package arrived, anxious to see what was inside.  It looked so pretty, all tied up like a gift.  (Which it truly is!)  As we opened the felt and explored the contents, my children really got excited as I explained how we would be using the calendar this Christmas season.

It wasn’t easy to roll up our calendar, return it to the packaging, and carefully set it up on a high shelf to wait for December.  We’re looking forward to hanging our new Advent Calendar on December 1st, beginning a month long journey to keep Christ as the center of Christmas!

Heart FELT Truths’ Deluxe Advent Calendar


It’s not too late to get your own Heart FELT Truths Advent Calendar.  Whitney offers both do-it-yourself kits and ready-made calendars in her Etsy shop.  If you order soon, you may still have time to prepare the do-it-yourself kit ($16 – $21) before December 1st!  If, like me, you’re not sure you’d find the time to put together your own calendar, then the beautiful pre-made advent calendars are a terrific option!

My kids and I are eager to use our Heart FELT Truths advent calendar this December, and we’re so thankful to Whitney for introducing us to her beautiful products!

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