Sunday, November 3, 2013

Disney World, Part 2

We spent our next day at Hollywood Studios, where we discovered the FUN of Toy Story Mania!  We headed straight to the ride as soon as the gates opened, and we were able to get on with only a 15-20 minute wait.  (We also had a FastPass + for later in the day, which was a nice treat since the regular FastPass line was ginormous, and the standby wait time was at least 105 minutes for the rest of the day!)

Quite honestly, this might have been my favorite ride of the whole trip.  The kids all loved it, too!  (Matter of fact, they’re getting the Toy Story Mania Wii game for Christmas so we can all continue enjoying this at home!)  Though it’s never fun waiting in line, they at least had a very interesting wait with giant etch-a-sketch, giant Mr. Potato Head, and lots of things to see while you waited.


Max (left) and Alex (right) waiting to get on the ride…


On our first ride, I took Alex and Jensyn (and the camera…) with me.  What fun to have a 3D ride-through shooting gallery!  These were our scores (Alex & Mama) after our first ride.  Jensyn just sat in the middle and watched.


After Toy Story, we wandered down the Streets of America and happened upon Phineas and Ferb, who are two characters that Alex was just dying to meet!  He was so excited, and there was almost no line!  Those crazy characters got some BIG hugs from our little guy!


After that, we found Lighting and Mater – another favorite of our kiddos!

having a little snack while we wait for Daddy & Alex to finish a ‘big kid’ ride…


waiting with Mama to ride Star Tours
(Daddy took Alex)

After the ride, Max told me he’s never going on that ride again!
I think it felt way too real to him! Smile


meeting a Green Army Man
(I giggled when he signed the autograph book “Green Army Man”.  I’m not sure what I expected him to write, but it just made me smile.)


Toy Story Mania again…this time I was with Max and Jensyn, and Alex was with Daddy.


Lights, Motors, Action
The boys were just enthralled, especially when Lightning and a Gremlin made a little appearance in the middle of the show.


Disney Junior show

This was very cute, though I was wishing it was actually characters in costume rather than ‘robots’.  Max was SO cute with his little ‘spyglasses’, and Jensyn danced through much of the show.


Minnie Mouse was Jensyn’s favorite character in the show!


meeting Jake!
(We had hoped to meet Sofia on this day, but the line was long and she was taking a break as we got there.  We decided to wait and do it another time when we weren’t hot, sweaty, and worn out!)


Keith rode Rock N Roller Coaster while I hung out with the kids.  Alex enjoyed making a sticker CD at this station right outside of Rock N Roller Coaster, while Max & Jensyn just hunt out and waited. (I rode Rock N Roller Coaster later in the week.)


The kids received souvenir money from their Grandma P, and this was Alex’s souvenir choice – Buzz Lightyear!  Thanks, Grandma!


waiting for the bus to take us back to our hotel


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