Saturday, November 9, 2013

Max’s School (LHTH Unit 10)

Max is 4 years, 2 month old.  We are using Little Hands To Heaven preschool program, which is adjustable for ages 2 – 5, by Heart of Dakota.  I’m trying to post enough to give you an accurate idea of what is covered in Little Hands To Heaven, yet leave it vague enough that you can’t use this post as a replacement for the teacher’s manual.  It’s full of fun ideas and activities to fill 20 – 30 minutes per day with active, creative learning that is centered on Christ.

We are behind in our posts!  We’re now beginning Unit 12, and I am just now posting Unit 10. 

Unit 10 was a letter review week.  We used 9x12 construction paper, cut into 4 smaller rectangles to make tactile letter flashcards.  I ‘wrote’ each letter with liquid glue, and then the kids (all 3 did this) spooned sugar over the letters and shook off the excess.  These are good for tactile learners, as you can trace & FEEL the shape of the letter once it’s dry!  We’ve been using these for practice and review on a regular basis, and Max is doing a much better job of recalling the alphabet letters.


We also printed some letter mazes from School Sparks so that Max could use do-a-dot markers to stamp his way through the maze, practicing letter recognition.  We did a different review letter each day.


When we read about Rahab, we build “walls” of crackers and nutella.  We added a red rope to the top to remind us of Rahab’s scarlet cord.  My kids like this project, but they didn’t have much patience for wall-building.


Wall-eating?  Well, THAT’S more exciting! Smile

Working on number 10, Max counted and cut out ten men
to symbolize men waiting to enter the Promise Land.


Max loves his “About Three” preschool book series.
He is nearing the end of the second book.


We built Jericho, circled it once a day for 6 days (we pretended to sleep in between), and then on the seventh day, we circled it seven times, blew our (pretend) trumpets, and knocked down the walls.


Max and Mommy took turns walking through the river with the “ark of the covenant” balancing on our heads.  We had to try to keep it from falling, as the Ark was never to touch the ground.


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