Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Guest Post: Heart FELT Truths

My name is Whitney Standlea and I am mommy of a kindergartener, preschooler, and toddler. I love playing and learning with these sweet children of mine. I want them to have big eyes, sharp minds, and large hearts. Most of all, I want them to know all about the big, amazing God that created them and sent His son to die for their sins.

That’s why I am guest blogging about my business Heart FELT Truths today (and again in the near future) here at Our Little Monkeys. I am excited to share about my products with you, but more importantly, I am hoping to provide you with some practical tools that you can use with your little monkeys, even if you never purchase any of my products. The next time I post, I am going to be sharing more specifically about my quest for Christ-centered family traditions, and why I created the Heart FELT Truth’s Advent Calendar. But today, since Christmas is nearly four months away (although I did see evergreen wreaths out at the craft store yesterday), I am going to share a bit about an affordable and reusable resource that your family can benefit from as you learn and play at home…..


At Heart FELT Truths I make family tradition teaching tools and activities out of felt. As soon as I stumbled across this great crafting tool for my business creations, I found more and more opportunities to use it with my children. This may be old news to some of you, but to a craft-illiterate mama like me, it was golden. So what is so great about felt?

Felt is:

  • Inexpensive (you can buy it for around $6.00 a yard or $.33 a sheet)
  • Available (you can find a host of colors at any craft store)
  • Crease-free (not the same as wrinkle-free). As opposed to using paper, cardstock, or other materials for your school activities, felt can be bent without creasing or ironed out wrinkled.
  • Durable. Remember those cute stegosauruses that you cut out by hand from construction paper for First Born to learn his colors? Well, unless you laminated and took special care of them, you are going to be cutting out all those plates and tales for Second Born a few years later. But not with felt!
  • Hands-on. Anytime you can use felt, it is a tactile learning opportunity!

Felt’s flexible, inexpensive, durable nature has made it a go-to material for all our preschool activities. When I make them in felt I know they will be easy and colorful. Accessible and enjoyable for each of my kids, whenever they are ready.


We use felt for our color recognition fish, our number counting apples, and alphabet train. But, best of all, we use felt for our family Advent Calendar. Our felt nativity scene creates an interactive nativity display for children to learn all about the true meaning of Christmas. It is a repetitive, tactile tool that allow children to build the Christmas story, day-by-day. Retelling the events and placing corresponding pieces on the calendar enforced memory recall so that very young children can memorize verses and a retelling of the Christmas story.


Although I sell these calendars for $40+ a piece, Our Little Monkeys and I are sharing about these with you early in hopes to save you some money. By using our free patterns at Heart FELT Truths, or purchasing our DIY Advent Calendar Kit, you can inexpensively create your own Advent Calendar. But, I know how busy you are, and I know that if we waited until November to tell you about this, it would simply not be enough time for you to have it all done by December 1! So come on over and check out our:

Advent Calendars


DIY Kits (All sewing done! Just cut, snip, and glue!)

Craft Night Kits (Have an anti-procrastination party and get your calendar done with some friends!)

Free Patterns

And while you are at it, go ahead and read about how you can use felt to teach your child Psalm 23 as well!


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And best of all, I am partnering with Dawn to give a lucky winner a Heart FELT Truths $20.00 Gift Card!

Note from Dawn: Check back tomorrow to find out how YOU can enter for a chance to win a $20 Heart FELT Truths Gift Card!

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